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UK Trades Confederation (UKTC)

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About UK Trades Confederation
The UK Trades Confederation (UKTC) is a non-trade specific organisation which aims to represent its members in their industry, to government and to consumers.

Before a contractor can become a member of the UK Trades Confederation, they must undergo a vetting procedure. This involves providing evidence that they have Public Liability Insurance, Employee Liability Insurance if applicable and three customer references. They must also agree to abide by the Confederation’s Code of Conduct, which is there to ensure that contractors treat their customers fairly. Articles in the Code of Conduct include providing customers with a detailed quotation or estimate and allowing customers to inspect the finished work and rectifying any defects free of charge.

Only UKTC members can use its logo, which instils trust in the consumer as they know that the member has had to go through a vetting procedure. The UKTC also collates customer feedback so firms can show their track record to new clients.

UKTC members can use a letter of introduction to send to potential customers. It acts as a way for members to distinguish themselves from other contractors that might be bidding for the same job. It also shows that they are a member of a trade association that vets its members according to strict criteria. The letter invites the potential client to verify the contractor’s membership, giving full transparency.

The UK Trades Confederation website offers consumers advice on what to look for when choosing a contractor to complete work in their home or garden. It also offers a search function where potential new clients can find a UKTC approved contractor in their area. Customers can also submit testimonials to increase the credibility of the member that they used.

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