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Specialists in the design, build and renovation of luxury homes.
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Inspired Glazing is a leading supplier and fitter of uPVC and Aluminium windows along with Bifold and Composite Doors
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How much do Builder services cost?

How much do Builders cost? Prices for Builders in 2022 can fluctuate relying on the sort of work that you need to have carried out in your residence.

Are you planning to erect a new house or structure? If yes, then you’d probably want to know just how much it’ll take to get the project over the line to help you set a budget and start to plan. Building a new house is requires huge financial investment and as a result, there’s the need to carry out your due diligence before you proceed. In this post, we’re going to give you an insight into the prices charged by builders to erect a new home or structure.

First and foremost, like every other home project, the price charged by builders to construct a new house or structure depends on a wide range of factors. These factors include the size, location, accessibility as well as qualifications of the builders you wish to employ just to mention a few. For instance, you’d expect the cost of building two-storey in London to be a lot more expensive than the price of a one-story building in Scotland. However, we’ll try our best to give you an idea of the price range you can expect to incur to complete your project.
In general, a builder will charge within the range of £10 to about £15 per hour on the average. For small building projects which includes wall and foundations repairs, a builder will typically charge about £11 per hour. However, the price charge will depend on the extent of the job due to the fact that simple tasks such as repointing only costs about £10 per hour, while laying new foundations can cost up to £15 per hour.

The table shows the types of work that Builders typically do and the average cost range of these tasks. Some tasks take longer to finish than others so prices do fluctuate by job.

View our Builder cost guide View our Builder advice

The average price
of a Builder is:


Builder job Builder cost in 2022
Garage conversion £4,750-£8,450
Loft conversion £26,250-£87,917
House extensions £57,400-£171,600
Loft insulation £450-£690
Upvc or wood porch £3,542-£6,675
Barn conversions £112,500-£172,500
Basement renovation £40,000-£323,000
Bedroom fitting £3,000-£5,650
Bricklayers £180-£3,987
Cavity wall insulation £400-£820
Commercial new builds £105,000-£161,000
Conservatory base £675-£1,035
Building maintenance £680-£6,013
Building insurance works £680-£6,013
Pebble dashed walls £618-£7,450
Plasterboard dry lining £380-£693
Residential new builds £105,000-£161,000
Restoration and refurbishment £21,250-£68,750
Roof insulation £7,500-£11,500
Underpinning £680-£6,013
Wall cladding £813-£3,363
Wall rendering £1,925-£3,175
Demolition £1,014-£6,220
Roof room £15,000-£23,000
Shop refurbishment £2,313-£151,438
Single storey house extension £39,400-£114,934
Soundproofing £900-£1,380
Driveway repair £330-£1,521
Garden room £6,400-£9,600
External wall insulation £6,000-£15,000

Builder service qualifications and accreditations

Builders qualifications as well as accreditation's: Gaining the best training and understanding exactly how to do your profession is vital for any kind of tradesperson including Builder s. View the online profile of each Builder you are thinking about to see what qualification they hold as well as what trade associations they belong to. Some trade associations that Builders might possibly be a member of include: UK Trades Confederation, Exor, Electrical Contractors Association. Equally Builders may even have the following accreditations: Elecsa, Certass, Consumer Protection Association Insurance for Builders: Anyone who works on your property, including Builders, really should have valid public liability insurance, which safeguards you the property owner as well as also the Builder should sadly anything happen while they are doing the job. Planning permission for Builders Many of the tasks that a Builder will do for you won't require planning permission unless its a listed building. Definitely discuss with the Builder if planning permission would certainly be required for the project you are doing, they can suggest the steps that require to be taken.

Services offered by Builder

The tasks of a builder vary widely, however in general; builders are responsible for the coordination of different types of construction involved in erecting a structure or building a house, office or any other building. The architect, on the other hand, is assigned the duty of designing the structure and creating the blueprints while the builder will take charge of bringing the ideas to life by overseeing the construction process. In addition, a builder will be involved in getting any relevant building permits as well as consents and have the land surveyed to determine what would be required in the way of drainage and lots more. Once they have surveyed and prepared the land, the builder will kick start the building process. Generally, they’ll remain on-site throughout the building process so as to make sure that the structure is built the proper way and in line with the laid down plans.

 For instance, during a new build, a builder will first supervise the laying of the foundation then the house frame being erected followed by the roof. Once done, they’ll then work closely with other tradespeople such as plumbers and electricians in order to get power as well as water to the house. Other tradesmen may be hired to complete various tasks. For example, a carpenter may be needed for the flooring, landscapers to take care of the front yard, painters to paint the entire house both interior and exterior and lots more. Due to the fact that a builder will have to organize all these tradespeople, they need to have a good understanding of these different fields in order to ensure that the job is done the right way and in the correct order. 

Builder FAQs

where to start with a house extension?

Have you decided to improve your property instead of moving? The common problem most homeowners face after deciding to embark on a home extension project is not knowing where to start. In this article we’ll walk you through everything you need to consider and put in place before commencement of your home extension project.

• Is the extension worth it?

Before breaking the bank, you must be sure that the project will add good value to your home. In terms of “value, this is not only limited to the financial gain after disposal of the property, but also several other juicy benefits to be derived from extending your home like an extra living space for the household to spread out and more.

• Do you need a planning permission?

Check with your local authority to determine whether or not you’ll require to submit an application. You can also consult a building expert like an architect for advice.

• What are the building regulation?

Even though planning permission can be dodged, you can not avoid building regulations. These regulations are the set national minimum standards for construction and design which you must comply with to ensure the safety of the individuals in and around it.

• Who will design the extension?

You have to decided whether you’ll hire a professional architect to design the extension or not.

• Who will manage the building work?

If your home extension project is designed and built by a professional company, they’ll be responsible for the management. However, if you decide to use an architect or designed it yourself, you’ll have to hire a main contractor to manage the build.

• How to set the budget?

There are so many factors that can affect the cost of an extension, so it’s better to get the costs from your builder before proceeding.

• Do I need yo inform my home insurance firm?

Absolutely! This is very important as the new extension may affect the rebuilding cost of your property which could have an impact on the policy premium.

• Do I need to inform my neighbours?

It’s very important to discuss your plan with your neighbours before applying for a planning permission and communicate about the concerns they might have.

when is underpinning required

If you’re currently experiencing some structural issues with your building or property and you’ve heard a thing or two about the several benefits associated with getting underpinning done, you may be wondering if underpinning might just be the answer to your worries. Well, one thing you should when it comes to underpinning is the fact that, while there are some structural issues that may actually warrant an underpinning job, there are also some situations that can not be fixed by underpinning. In this post, we’re going to consider the events whereby underpinning of your house will be required. Let’s take a look!

First and foremost, you should know that underpinning isn’t required for issues related to slab heave. Footing movements which are likely to reverse normally occur when the content of the soil moisture changes unevenly which gives rise to slab heave. This movement results for a reversible effect.

Generally, underpinning is done to remedy problems related with the movement of the footings of a building or property, but as stated above – not all movements require underpinning. So, when is underpinning required? More often than not, a situation that’s resolved by underpinning is the event whereby the footings of a building or structure drops or subside as a result of some reasons that are irreversible. For example, footing movements caused by a footing set on a soft or loose soil which may be irreversible.

In the event whereby the footings of your house haven’t been installed as deep as required during the initial construction, then you will need to have your building underpinned to make it more stable. If you’re also looking to increase the load on your foundation like adding another storey, you may also need to have your house underpinned to support the extra weight added.

how to repair hole in asphalt driveway?

Is there a hole in your asphalt driveway you feel you can repair yourself? If it’s something you know you can confidently do then this step by step guide is just for you. If otherwise, then we’d recommend you hire the services of a reliable professional who can guarantee the best results while also saving you some time and extra money that could result from possible errors. In this article, we’d go over the reparation process of an asphalt driveway with a hole in it.

✓ Get the necessary tools. You’re going to need a broom ( to clean the area), caulking gun ( to fill the hole), a hand tamp a plate compactor or a hammer ( to level the filled in hole) and a weeding glove (just in case there are weeds growing in the hole).

✓ Prepare the area. Do this by weeding the plants or weeds that might have grown inside the hole and identify your asphalt filler.

✓ Wet your soil, if necessary. It’s important to note that this is only necessary if your soil is dry to help the filler stick properly.

✓ Fill in deep holes. If the hole goes down about 3 to 4 inches or more, simply fill it with any material like rocks, clay etc.

✓ Apply the asphalt filler. Fill the hole with the asphalt filler to about half an inch higher than the surface of the driveway.

✓ Level the filler. For a large hole, make use of a plate compactor or a hand stamp, but a hammer will be sufficient for smaller holes.

✓ Cover the hole, if necessary. If your home isn’t level, covering your hole with a piece of plywood is advisable.

✓ Clean off the seal. After the asphalt looks done and in place, simply brush away the debris from the seal to finish off the project.

how to convert your loft into a room?

How To Convert Your Loft Into A Room

The loft is the space on top of a home that’s most often ignored by home owners due to having to consider the space’s configuration, the lighting as well as energy efficiency. However, when successfully converted into a room, it can serve several purposes which would even add more value to your property. So how can you convert your loft into a room? Let’s have a look.

• Take Into Account The Size Of Your Loft

The size of your loft is a major determinant of the type of room it can be converted into. A small-sized loft there’s a chance it can still be converted into an extra bathroom or home office while bigger lofts can be converted into an additional bedroom. The minimum head height is 2.3m, if your loft is lower than this, you’d have to get a planning permission to detach some parts of the room for extension.

• Include A Skylight

When a loft is poorly designed, the room become dark, shady and airless. Adding a skylight to your loft will let in fresh air, deliver better ventilation and more light.

• Insulate Your Loft

Loft insulation will not only prevent heat from escaping through the roof, but also lead to an improved energy efficiency which ultimately helps you save up on your heating bills.

• Use Modern Colourization

When you use bright, neutral and modern colours to paint your loft, you’re adding that elegant look to the space. As a result, the loft looks a lot more attractive and comfortable by the time you’re done with the conversion.

The conversion of your loft into a room can be a very tedious task if you wish to do it by yourself. We’d recommend you employ a seasoned professional for help in order to ensure the best results and also to avoid making costly mistakes.

how to finance a house extension?

Do you want to beautify and increase the value of your home? If yes, a refurb and house extension is definitely a great option to consider. Depending on your home extension project, the value that’ll be added to your home’s resale value varies. However, the cost of completing a house extension project can be huge, so you just might want to consider your financing options. Fortunately, there are various options through which your house extension project can be funded with each having its own pros and cons. Your specific circumstances will determine the one that’s going to work best for you, so let’s take a look at some of the best options to help you fund your project.

• Home Remortgaging

The process whereby a mortgage is transferred from one provider to the other is known as remortgaging. This is usually done to generate funds for a project by entering a more lengthy repayment term commitment when switching. If you want to raise your funds in a quick manner, this process works best.

• Savings

This is a good reason to cultivate a good saving habits. If you’ve been able to save up some mega bucks then you’d probably won’t have to borrow money to finance your house extension.

• Unsecured Loans

If you do not buy into the idea of borrowing more against your property, you may just be able to apply for an unsecured loan especially if you have a good credit record. A secured loan makes use of collaterals like a car or house to serve as a cover for the lender, meanwhile an unsecured loan is based mainly on the credit managing history of the borrower.

• Credit Card

There are some great benefits that comes with financing your small or medium scale extension project with your credit card. Not only does it offer some real lifeline if problems arise during the project, but you can also avoid paying excessive interest on the investment by ensuring your deal has a 0% introductory rate.

How long does it take to install insulation?

How long it takes to install insulation will depend on the size of your property. In general, loft and cavity wall insulation can be installed in a day or two. External wall insulation will usually take longer to install. The rep or installer will be able to advise you when quoting for the job how long this will be.

How to dot and dab plasterboard?

How To Dot And Dab A Plasterboard

If you want a fast and simple way to achieve a smooth and sturdy wall which is decoration-ready, then dot and dab plasterboard is the way to go! It’s a relative simple process but can also be a bit challenging. Therefore, if you lack the necessary training or experience, hiring a professional would be a great step to protect your investment and guarantee the best results. Here, we’ll provide you with a deep insight into the plasterboard’s dot and dab procedures. Let’s have a look!

• At the thickness of the board with the adhesive, mark the ceiling and floor as well as the wall to indicate the centre of each board.

• Ensure the wall’s height is 15mm more than the plasterboard

• Make a mixture of the adhesive and achieve a thick consistency. Apply a consistent layer of the mixture around the wall’s perimeter, edge of the ceiling and any other openings with the use of a trowel.

• Select dabs that are about 250mm long and 50mm to 75mm wide and apply the adhesive in them. Make use of 3 vertical rows for individual boards. Also ensure to apply, at skirting level, a band of adhesive.

• Position the board’s reverse side against the dabs, and laying against the packers. Then make the board align with the ceiling and floor marks with the help of a straight edge.

• Raise the board till its tight against the ceiling with a board lifter. Once done, use the plasterboard to wedge the board into place before you remove the board lifter.

• Repeat the same process for the remaining parts of the room. Once completed, make sure the adhesive is set before you remove the boards.

What qualifications should a builder have?

Some individuals who have been in the construction department for many years may not be qualified, that is, they may not have undergone an apprenticeship and/or trade certificate courses, but they might still be very skilled at their work. However, anybody can pick up a sledgehammer and demand themselves a builder lacking any skills or training. The wise thing would be to ask the builder coming to your house about what qualifications they have and what training they have undergone.

Licensing of building practitioners

You can now check if your builder or tradesperson is a licensed building practitioner by using an electronic public register which has a record of every registered builder. Being licensed provides you with an assurance that the builder who is about to do your work has proven his shill to the government and earned his right to be a practitioner. If you wish for certain important building and design work on your home it is imperative that you hire a licensed practitioner, the act is very common when you compare the scenario with when you have to call a plumber or an electrician regarding any work.

In order to become a builder in the UK, you must complete an apprenticeship or an NVQ. NVQ is another popular route to becoming a builder. You can also get your NVQ even when you are working as an apprentice. You can also make it based on any recognised overseas qualification.

All associates maintain a Code of Practice and Conduct which sets the standards for all stages of the building procedure. The Code requires builders to:

• Submit quotes on projects for which they have time.

• Securing the contract with a sufficient insurance cover.

• Maintain honesty and integrity at all times.

• Obey the law and industry standards of conduct.

All members of the construction association must also follow a code of conduct. As a consumer, if you think your builder has breached the Code of Conduct or the Code of Ethics, you can file a written against him or her.

Builder help and advice

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we need external tanking to our extension foundations. are you the property owner: owner of the property property type: semi detached how many rooms are currently within the basement: 1 room how many ...

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Insulation | Loft / Roof

Salisbury - SP4

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roof felt repairs international loft insulation are you the property owner: owner of the property property type: detached how many bedrooms do you have: 3-4 do you currently have loft insulationn: ye...

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External wall insulation Lead

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Conversion | Basement

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Hi I'd like a quote for a cellar conversion. Many thanks Zainab

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Building work | General

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External wall insulation Lead External wall insulation Lead External wall insulation Lead External wall insulation Lead External wall insulation Lead External wall insulation Lead

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good morning we are looking to insulate and get a new hatch and ladder maybe stairs for our attic. we are also looking to extend downstairs and a new bathroom upstairs which would involve knocking in...

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