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Tree & Garden Designs

52 review(s)
Offers services in EAST MIDLANDS
I am a family runed business professional and efficient for 30 years !
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49 review(s)
Offers services in EAST MIDLANDS
Kensington Homes Roofing and repairs old and new. Fasicas, soffits and guttering. Driveways, patios new and refurbi...
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Colt Property Improvement

74 review(s)
Offers services in EAST MIDLANDS
We are a family orientated company established in 1994. Utilising only the best quality materials and a highly skilled wo...
Verified ProOver 50 Reviews
Welcome To Kensington paving & landscaping And Thank You For Taking The Time To Look Into Our Details. We are a family ru...
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RG Building Services

0 review(s)
Offers services in EAST MIDLANDS
Welcome to R&G Building Services Plumbing – fitting designer bathrooms of quality. We specialize in the installation of ba...
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Helm And Hull Group

3 review(s)
Offers services in EAST MIDLANDS
The contractors at Helm and Hull Group understand the importance of adhering to the highest quality standards in every pro...

Recent Builder Enquiries

25 Jun

House Extensions

Bourne - PE10

Enquiry from: Sabahat W

Start Date: Immediate

customer made an enquiry for house extension and confirmed on the quotatis site they would like quotes from a builder.customer lives in the bourne area and would like a call to discuss options.see bel...

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24 Jun

Building work | General

Nottingham - NG12

Enquiry from: Tricia E

Start Date: Less than one month

customer in the nottingham area made an enquiry a couple of projects including building anytime and arrange an appointment to discuss. below is some details about this project: proper...

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24 Jun

Conversion | Loft

Nottingham - NG8

Enquiry from: Rachael W

Start Date: Immediate

would like quote for loft conversion for an edwardian semi detached. velux windows no dormer and one room please property type: semi detached are you the property owner: owner of the property what are...

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24 Jun

Conversion | Loft

Mansfield - NG20

Enquiry from: Daniel B

Start Date: Immediate

loft conversion with 2 dormer windows. are you the property owner: owner of the property property type: semi detached what are you looking to convert the space into: bedroom/s are you looking to have ...

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24 Jun

Building work | Bricklaying

Nottingham - NG8

Enquiry from: Sandra R

Start Date: 1 to 3 months

External wall insulation Lead

this house is suffering mining subsidence. there are cracks in various area that appear to be still moving as filled cracks have obviously separated again. i haven’t yet had a full structural survey...

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24 Jun

Driveway Repair

Barnet - EN5

Enquiry from: Nabil D

Start Date: Immediate

repair/replace driveway and walkway that was damaged by waterworks are you the property owner: owner of the property property type: terrace what level of service do you require: repair to cracks what ...

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23 Jun

Conversion | Loft

Watford - WD24

Enquiry from: Terry L

Start Date: Immediate

get quotation for roofline/dormer conversion are you the property owner: owner of the property property type: terrace what are you looking to convert the space into: bedroom/s are you looking to have...

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19 Jun

Building work | General

Derby - DE23

Enquiry from: Julian R

Start Date: Immediate

mr requested quotes for building maintenance from a builder around derby. they are considering a couple of projects at the anytime to arrange appointment to discuss. the information below ...

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19 Jun

Building work | Wall Cladding

Alfreton - DE55

Enquiry from: Raaz A

Start Date: Immediate

i have a barber shop amd the walls doing with cladding

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19 Jun

Insulation | Cavity Wall

Hitchin - SG4

Enquiry from: Andy C

Start Date: Immediate

My cavities were insulated just before I moved in in 2009, however I have since realised that they missed a wall.

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17 Jun

Conversion | Loft

Nottingham - NG2

Enquiry from: Lutumba K

Start Date: Immediate

customer made an enquiry for loft conversion via one of our websites. looking at various options they would like to discuss directly confirmed interest, sms at 06:44 please call to discuss and arrang...

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16 Jun

Building work | Wall Rendering

St. Albans - AL1

Enquiry from: Neil M

Start Date: Immediate

Chemical injection damp course along a section of internal wall in basement that is showing rising damp and had not been treated. Ideally looking for fast quotation then appreciate may be a wait for j...

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15 Jun

Building work | Bricklaying

Leicester - LE5

Enquiry from: Rashied A

Start Date: Immediate

hi i need two brick piers erecting to be able to hold my driveway gates. there are wooden post but they have cracked with last years winds and the gate was blown off. I need to know wether you are abl...

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13 Jun

Building work | Bricklaying

Potters Bar - EN6

Enquiry from: Mercia O

Start Date: Immediate

we would like to find a bricklayer for the project who will be comfortable with the amount of detailed masonry work that needs to take place for this particular project. if this project is of interes...

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13 Jun

Driveway Repair

Loughborough - LE12

Enquiry from: Jon W

Start Date: Immediate

remove damaged concrete section of drive & replace

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10 Jun

House Extensions

Derby - DE21

Enquiry from: Matthew L

Start Date: 1 to 3 months

customer in the derby area made an enquiry a couple of projects including house anytime and arrange an appointment to discuss. below is some details about this project: are you the prop...

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10 Jun

Building work | General

Nottingham - NG3

Enquiry from: Keith J

Start Date: Less than one month

customer in nottingham area has requested that we arrange quotes for their building maintenance are considering various options and would like to discuss with a builder directly.please call...

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09 Jun

Building work | General

Leicester - LE7

Enquiry from: Mary C

Start Date: Immediate

customer in the leicester area made an enquiry a couple of projects including building anytime and arrange an appointment to discuss. below is some details about this project: are you...

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08 Jun

Insulation | External Wall

Kettering - NN16

Enquiry from: Russell A

Start Date: Immediate

external wall insulation for a mid-terraced house

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07 Jun

Insulation | Loft / Roof

Lincoln - LN6

Enquiry from: Cyril G

Start Date: Immediate

loft insulation, change old insulation (blown in) for more better quality are you the property owner: owner of the property property type: semi detached how many bedrooms do you have: 1-2 do you curr...

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How much do Builder services cost?

How much do Builders cost? Prices for Builders in 2022 can fluctuate relying on the sort of work that you need to have carried out in your residence.

Are you planning to erect a new house or structure? If yes, then you’d probably want to know just how much it’ll take to get the project over the line to help you set a budget and start to plan. Building a new house is requires huge financial investment and as a result, there’s the need to carry out your due diligence before you proceed. In this post, we’re going to give you an insight into the prices charged by builders to erect a new home or structure.

First and foremost, like every other home project, the price charged by builders to construct a new house or structure depends on a wide range of factors. These factors include the size, location, accessibility as well as qualifications of the builders you wish to employ just to mention a few. For instance, you’d expect the cost of building two-storey in London to be a lot more expensive than the price of a one-story building in Scotland. However, we’ll try our best to give you an idea of the price range you can expect to incur to complete your project.
In general, a builder will charge within the range of £10 to about £15 per hour on the average. For small building projects which includes wall and foundations repairs, a builder will typically charge about £11 per hour. However, the price charge will depend on the extent of the job due to the fact that simple tasks such as repointing only costs about £10 per hour, while laying new foundations can cost up to £15 per hour.

The table shows the types of work that Builders typically do and the average cost range of these tasks. Some tasks take longer to finish than others so prices do fluctuate by job.

View our Builder cost guide View our Builder advice

The average price
of a Builder in East Midlands is:


Builder job Builder cost in 2022
Garage conversion in East Midlands £10,500-£16,300
Loft conversion in East Midlands £26,250-£66,250
House extensions in East Midlands £30,000-£70,750
Loft insulation in East Midlands £450-£690
Upvc or wood porch in East Midlands £3,313-£6,013
Barn conversions in East Midlands £81,250-£128,750
Basement renovation in East Midlands £45,000-£247,000
Bedroom fitting in East Midlands £1,500-£2,300
Bricklayers in East Midlands £225-£980
Cavity wall insulation in East Midlands £400-£820
Commercial new builds in East Midlands £132,500-£425,500
Conservatory base in East Midlands £675-£1,035
Building maintenance in East Midlands £867-£4,684
Building insurance works in East Midlands £867-£4,684
Pebble dashed walls in East Midlands £784-£6,600
Plasterboard dry lining in East Midlands £380-£693
Residential new builds in East Midlands £132,500-£425,500
Restoration and refurbishment in East Midlands £21,250-£68,750
Roof insulation in East Midlands £7,500-£11,500
Underpinning in East Midlands £867-£4,684
Wall cladding in East Midlands £813-£3,363
Wall rendering in East Midlands £1,925-£3,175
Demolition in East Midlands £1,470-£4,330
Roof room in East Midlands £15,000-£23,000
Shop refurbishment in East Midlands £3,084-£35,250
Single storey house extension in East Midlands £34,100-£117,400
Soundproofing in East Midlands £900-£1,380
Driveway repair in East Midlands £740-£1,927
Garden room in East Midlands £6,400-£9,600
External wall insulation in East Midlands £6,000-£15,000

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Builder FAQs

how to tile a porch roof?

Tiling a porch roof is a very important but laborious and difficult task. A project of this magnitude will require a large investment in planning and preparation way before the actual installation process takes place. It can be a brand new porch roofing tile or a replacement of the existing one, either way it’s crucial to get the right technique. If you lack proper training or experience in this field, we’d recommend you hire the services of a reliable professional probably within your local area to guarantee the best results and to save yourself some time and money. This guide will give you a good insight into the porch roof tiling process. Let’s have a look!

• With the crown looking upwards, put the first tile on the batten and centre the tile from side to side.

• Hammer a 10d nail at the base of the tile and into the batten (make sure not to overdrive the nail).

• To provide a much needed support, apply a little mortar under the first tile.

• Identify the inner end of the first tile and place another tile on top. Take a measurement from the outer end and adjust the end of the second tile to fit.

• Just like you’ve done with the first tile, nail the second tile into the batten.

• Position two tiles at the both ends of the ridge and proceed with the installation just as you’ve done with the previous tiles.

• Take a measurement of the distance across the ridge from the first tile’s outer end. Once done, you can then calculate the number of tiles required by subtracting 16 inches from your measurement and divide the answer by 8.

• Beginning at the second tile on one end of the ridge, install the half the number of ridge tiles towards the centre of the ridge. Now install the remaining tiles working from the opposite end to the ridge’s centre. At the centre of ridge should be a key tile with mortar.

How to fit external insulation?

With the title of this blog, do not be deceived into thinking the purpose is to encourage you to install an external insulation by yourself. Even as a competent DIYer, it’s not advisable to buy a couple of materials and start slapping it into the wall hoping for the best outcome. External insulation is by no means a DIY job and without the proper training and experience, it can easily turn out disastrous resulting in loss of time, effort and money in such a valuable project. This blog, however, will give you a great insight on how the installation process works and help maximize knowledge ensuring you do not spend more than necessary.

External Insulation Installation

lRender Test

• This is done to ensure the existing render is good enough for insulation support.

• If positive, the insulation can be applied directly onto it.

• If negative, ensure removal of the old render before fitting the insulation.

lPipework Adjustment & Removal

• Remove all pipework prior to insulation fitting

• Install temporary downpipes to ensure water is not wasted and everything continue to function normally during the insulation fitting process.

lWindow Protection

• Protect the window with a protective layer or film.

lStarter Track Fitting

• Determine level you want the insulation to start (height).

• Fit the aluminium start track or carrier tray at the identified level.

lInsulation Boards Fitting

• Apply a layer of adhesive to the board and glue them to the wall in a staggered pattern.

• Cut to fit round all obstructions and windows.

• File off the edge of the board where necessary using a rasp upon successful fitting of the boards

lMechanical Fixing Inclusion

• Hammer around 10 fixings per square metre into the board.

• This is to secure the insulation boards.

lBeading Fitting

• Add corner beads and stop beads to ensure the insulation is secure and to prevent it from making contact with other materials.

lReinforcing Mesh & Render Addition

• Apply two layers of strengthening properties and between the two layers of render, include a fibre glass mesh.

lPrimer Application

• Paint on the primer

lFinal Render Application

• Choose your most preferred texture and colour as this will be the last coating of the installation process.

lPipework Re-installation

• Re-install all detached pipework at the start of the installation process.

what is the best loft insulation?

If you have a loft, then the next thing that’s crucial is a loft insulation. Asides from cutting down on your carbon footprint, when you’re able to install an effective loft insulation you can slash your heating bills by up to £250 per year. What’s more? Besides making your home more energy efficient, it can also increase the value of your property a great deal. So if you’re also considering the insulation of your loft, one of the few things that comes to mind is, what loft insulation is the best to incorporate? In order to help you make the best informed decision possible, this post is going to address this issue and put you on the right path.


In truth, there’s no way to say exactly which type of insulation is the best as all types usually have a different purpose as well as usage. The insulation you choose for your home’s loft is be based largely on the how you’re going to make use of the space as well as any unique challenges you might face given the shape of your home’s loft. Below are some types of insulation to give you a better idea:

  • Blanket insulation. This is the most common type that comes in rolls of rock, glass or mineral fibre ( or foil-backed felt ). It normally the most affordable and also a good all-purpose insulation which is easy to fit although not suitable for the roof.
  • Loose-fill insulation. This type of insulation features a loose, lightweight material such as cork granules, cellulose fibre, mineral wool etc. It can either be incorporated as a top up or on its own. The primary drawback is it isn’t very secure and can also be very messy.
  • Sheet insulation. This is the best solution for the roof’s underside as it offers a highly effective insulation for your loft space and can also be decorated over. The drawback here is that it’s usually the most expensive type to purchase and install.
how to repair a patio?

A patio is an outdoor space which can be used for a variety of stuffs which includes fun time with family and friends, reading time or just relaxing as the fresh breeze blows. With all these benefits and more, it’s becomes more obvious that there’s a need to keep your patio in a tip top condition at all times. If otherwise, you may not be able to enjoy your patio to your satisfaction and probably, for as long as you would want. You simply have to provide it with a regular maintenance which involves inspecting and identifying the damages that needs to be repaired before it gets out of hand. Fortunately, the minor repairs can be done by yourself if you’re confident enough. However, for bigger damages it’s advisable to call in a professional for help. In this article, we’ll take you through the patio reparation process.

✓ Prepare the area. This involves removing the problem piece gently and carefully. If there’s a piece you think can still be useful, store it in the re-use pile or you can start a new one. Once you’re done removing the pieces, the next thing to do would be to start removing anything that’s unwanted from the damaged area like debris, unwanted soil etc, and start sand fitting with some fresh sand. This should be levelled out to ensure there’s no bumps.

✓ With the sand down, you can start by putting the pieces back in together. This should be done gently to avoid any further damage. Do this until your patio

how much does it cost to repair a driveway?

Is your driveway damaged or starting to show some signs of cracks and gaps? If yes, then you’d probably be thinking of repairing it before it gets even worse. Repairing a driveway is largely an unknown process but also a very tedious task as well. So if you’re looking to hire a professional for help, just how much is the repair going to cost? In this article, we’re going to look at the various factors that can determine the cost of a driveway repair.

In the UK, the average price of repairing a driveway is usually within the range of £1,400 to £1,800, where as the normal price of a driveway repair will range between £700 to £2,400. although some small repairs tasks can be as low as £250, while huge driveway repairs can skyrocket to about £4,200.

However, in general, the overall cost of repair a driveway can not be determined as each driveway is unique with their special repair needs. The factors that can influence the price of a driveway repair includes the material used, the perimeter of the driveway as well as the condition of the foundation. The only factor that’s not unique to any one driveway is the materials used, so let’s take a look at the differences in price using the based on the various types of materials available.

✓ Concrete. The average cost of repairing a concrete driveway is usually between £250 to £3,200. Have it in mind at most times the price of fixing an overly damaged driveway can be more than the cost of buying a new one.

✓ Asphalt. The average cost of repairing an asphalt driveway is usually between £750 to £2,800.

✓ Brick. The average cost of repairing a brick driveway is usually between £700 to £1,700.

✓ Cobblestone. The average cost of repairing a cobblestone driveway is usually between £500 to £1,600.

How to renovate a house?

As with every home development project, a home makeover comes with heaps of preparation and, hard work, but it is a remarkable way to breathe new life into an old home.


Get to know your household better, the time it was constructed in, and the kind of individuals who would have lived there. The greatest tactic is to repair current structures, make the house dry and safe.


There are certain restrictions that don’t allow you to remodel your house after a certain extent, it should be made clear to you when you purchase the property but if you are unsure about the regulations you should check them up, as it is a criminal offence to carry out unauthorised work to a listed home. Restrictions in Conservation Areas generally affect only the exterior of the property as the intention is to ‘preserve or enhance the character or appearance’ of an area, but the right to develop your house will be affected. This means the kind of work that you could have easily completed in a different location may need certain planning and even permissions to complete in your area.


It is very important that you take your time to perfect the design. This will help to ensure that the finished work is in tune with your needs. You will also need to figure it out how the changes might play with the original building.


If you are planning on managing the renovation project yourself, it is advisable to ask from friends or family who have renovated their house before and have undergone a similar experience. They can help you find the right architect and builder. Or else, you can always opt for a project manager.

do fitted wardrobes add value to your home?

The short and simple answer is yes, fitted wardrobes add value to any home or property. Owning a home is mostly the single most expensive asset that a person can possess. And as a result, your home is a very special asset that you’d want to make conducive and maintain to the best of your ability. To retain the value of your home or even add to it, you have to learn how to maximize its potentials using different means. In the UK, a big issue for most households is usually the lack of storage space and most especially, the quickly shaped bedrooms which is really affected with storage problems. It almost always seems like there isn’t enough space to keep our clothes as well as the never-ending portfolio of accessories, devices and gadgets. Therefore, an extra or excess usable room inside a home is always a premium.

In other words maximizing the space you have, especially the unused ones, is a great way to add value to your property. Custom made fitted wardrobes are a great means to making the most out of the space within your home and are also designed to last for several years. Unlike the freestanding wardrobes, modern and fitted wardrobes are not only visually appealing, but they’re also customizable to fully maximize every inch of space within the room. As a result, they’re the ideal solution especially for loft rooms where the bedroom may be slope or oddly shaped to make the best out of the space available.

Potential investors are always eager to invest in homes with enough space that are well maximized. Therefore, a fitted wardrobe will not only help you create a better demand for your home at the point of selling, but it’ll also go a long to increase its value in so many ways.

How long will my garage conversion take?

It’s often said that a garage conversion can take anywhere between 1 week to 1 month, depending on the size and scope. But many standard conversions without any plumbing can take as little as 5 days. Your contractor will be able to tell you exactly how long your garage conversion will take.

Builder help and advice

6 tips for creating a sustainable garden Published: 15/03/2022 Regardless of how much space you have to work with, whether you have acres of land or just a small patio area or even a balcony, there are ways to create more sustainable space on your property. While there’s no official definition for what a sustainable garden looks like, the overall concept is to minimise […] Read this article
5 Tips to Making your Garden the Perfect Outdoor Social Space Published: 17/02/2022 When you think about the places you can entertain people in your house, it can be easy to forget about your outside areas. But actually, your garden can be a fantastic outdoor social space. Don’t waste your outside space – improving it can not only help you make the most of your property, and it […] Read this article
5 Environmentally Friendly Design Choices for Your Kitchen Published: 06/10/2021 If you’re thinking about revamping your kitchen this year, there’s more to consider than just the practicalities and style. The modern kitchen also needs to be eco-conscious in both its initial design and its day-to-day usage. You may worry that factoring this into your plans sounds like a lot of work when you could just […] Read this article

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