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Rooftech Solutions

3 review(s)
Based in: Montrose, DD10 9LE
Covering Angus and Aberdeenshire areas we are family run business with more than 20+ years experience. We specialise in ...
Verified ProOver 20 ReviewsQuotatis Member for 3 year(s)


34 review(s)
Based in: East hampnett, PO18 0JN
Welcome to Platinum Property Maintenance a reliable and very efficient service that try are best to help you with every ne...
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ARSW Roofing

0 review(s)
Based in: Bridgend, CF31 2HG
Established roofing company with over 35 years of experience from general repairs, New roofs in slate and tile, GRP fibreg...
Verified ProQuotatis Member for 2 year(s)
Hello, warm welcome from highview property maintenance! We are a long running family business that specialises in from ...
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Rooftop Roofing

35 review(s)
Based in: Weybridge, KT13 8RN
Based in Wokingham, we are available across Berkshire,Buckinghamshire, and further afield. Rooftop Roofing are an experien...
Verified ProOver 20 ReviewsQuotatis Member for 2 year(s)
Hi durable roofing and building limited is small company that makes a big difference

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How much do Cleaner services cost?

How much do Cleaners cost? Prices for Cleaners in 2023 can vary depending on the kind of task that you require to have done in your house. It's the question we get asked a whole lot "how much do Cleaners cost?". It's generally good to have an idea of how much a Cleaner are going to likely cost for their services. Rates are going to fluctuate based on the materials and also the tradesperson chosen. The table shows the kinds of service that Cleaners typically do and the typical cost variety of these projects. Some jobs take longer to finish than others so costs do differ by job.

The average price
of a Cleaner is:


Cleaner job Cleaner cost in 2023
Graffiti removal £208-£312
Domestic cleaning £131-£34,008
Office cleaning £16-£50,012

Cleaner service qualifications and accreditations

Cleaners credentials as well as certification's: Gaining the right training and also learning just how to do your profession is key for any kind of tradesperson including Cleaner s. Review the profile page of each Cleaner you are looking at to see what accreditation they hold and also what trade associations they belong to. Some trade associations that Cleaners may belong to include: . Equally Cleaners may even have the following accreditations: Insurance for Cleaners: Any individual that works on your home, including Cleaners, really should have valid public liability insurance, which protects you the home owner as well as likewise the Cleaner should unfortunately anything go wrong while they are doing the work. Planning permission for Cleaners A lot of the jobs that a Cleaner will certainly provide for you will not require planning permission unless its a listed building. Definitely discuss with the Cleaner if planning permission would certainly be required for the job you are doing, they can advise the actions that need to be taken.

Services offered by Cleaner

What solutions do Cleaners generally offer? There are a number of tasks you can employ a Cleaner for, and several of one of the most common projects that Cleaner are asked to perform provide:

Cleaner FAQs

What is Graffiti prevention

Unwanted graffiti by a random artist on your property, be it residential or commercial, can be extremely frustration to say the least. Not only does it encourage further acts of vandalism and reduces the value of your property, but it can also deter your visitors or customers. The list goes on and on, however, one thing you should know is removing graffiti can be a tedious and time-consuming task. And that’s exactly where graffiti prevention comes in! By taking preventative measures, you can avoid having to incur the expenses or pass through the stress that comes with graffiti removal. So, what are the preventative actions you can utilize to deter such vandals? Well, there are a number of measures that can be incorporated, these includes maintenance, fencing, paint colour, protective coatings, vegetation, security, lighting as well as report.

  • Maintenance involves keeping your property clean and tidy to pass the message across that you take good care of your property and any act of vandalism wouldn’t be tolerated.
  • Fencing your property with a metal cyclone or natural materials such as bamboo or bush reed or bar fencing which doesn’t offer the flat continuous surface which graffiti vandals prefer. Textured surfaces are also tricky to spray paint.
  • Paint colour. The use of dark colours to paint your walls and fences will discourage vandals as graffiti is less noticeable on dark coloured surfaces. Hence, denying the vandals the recognition they desire.
  • Protective coating. This is the perfect solution for areas that are repeatedly vandalized. Make use of graffiti resistant materials or protective coatings which allows the graffiti to be removed with relative ease.
  • Vegetation.  You can consider utilizing trellis on blank walls and fences to create an uneven surface which graffiti vandals do not like.
do domestic cleaners clean ovens?

If you have a dirty oven in your house, you’d probably want to know if hiring the services of a domestic cleaner will be enough to have your oven cleaned inside out. First and foremost, it’s not always apparent the parts f your house a house cleaner will clean when you first hire them. As a result, the best practice will always be to have them visit your home before the first cleaning job. When they arrive, you’ll simply walk them through the home and tell them the parts you’d like to be cleaned. They’ll let you know whether or not they usually clean the part of the house or whether they usually charge an extra amount to clean it. Along the way, they’ll let you know if they clean ovens or not. However, in general, domestic cleaners will only clean the outsides of ovens leaving the inside for professional oven cleaners. This is due to fact that ovens are a very fragile item which is also pretty difficult to clean. However, if they happen to clean it or charge an extra fee to have it done, you’ll be in a better position and save yourself some money by doing the pre-clean yourself.


Most often than not, domestic cleaners won’t clean an oven that’s too dirty. Therefore doing a pre-clean of your oven will make it a lot easier for the domestic cleaner to get the job done. If you want to do a pre clean of your oven, the best way to get this done would be to run the self cleaning cycle on your oven. When you follow these instructions on your oven, it should work out just fine.

do house cleaners bring their own supplies?

You want your home spotlessly clean and sparkling at all time. Well, so does several other home owners. However, before you achieve that aim, there are a multitude of decisions you’d have to make. And these decision will most often start from how to find and choose the best domestic cleaners available.


One of the several different choices you’ll face, however is whether to supply the products to yourself or if it’s the duty of the domestic cleaners to bring their own supplies which they would use to clean up your house. If they’re to bring their own products and end bringing ones you don’t like or insist on using the products that it’s likely that you’re allergic to. Fortunately, you don’t have a thing to worry about when it comes to this as the best domestic cleaners will all agree that the most appropriate products are the ones you already use at home.


Generally, it’s usually best that you provide both the cleaning products as well as equipment that the house cleaners will use for a number of reasons. Firstly, looking at the from the hygienic point of view, you definitely do not want equipment being used on another property brought to yours and you also get to use the cleaning products you’re comfortable with.


Most professional domestic cleaners will show up at your home to do a bit of walk through the home, know where your product and equipment is kept, how your vacuum cleaner works and lots more, before the come for the actual cleaning. Therefore, if you already have your preferred products and equipment, they’ll have a look and provide you with expert advice on the ideal cleaning products, if that’ll help too.

Does it matter if graffiti’s been there a long time?

The short and simple answer to this question is yes, it definitely does matter if the graffiti has been there a long time! When it comes to graffiti removal, one thing to have at the back of your mind is prompt removal is always the most effective. However, this doesn’t mean that a long existing graffiti can’t be removed. Graffiti that has been in existence a long time can be removed, but you shouldn’t expect this to be a walk in the park. If you don’t have the experience, tools and skills to pull this off, it’s strongly recommended that you call in a qualified professional for help so as to ensure the best result is achieved without any form of damage to your walls.  However, if you wish to give this a shot, then here are some tips that should put you in the right direction.


Here, we’ll advise you to get an effective graffiti cleaning solution such as Elephant Snot® to remove the long existing graffiti. To start the removal process, simply brush the product ( Elephant Snot® ) with the help of a wallpaper brush on the affected wall. Once completed, let the product sit for about 45 minutes to 1 hour to make for an easy removal. After this, you can then proceed to power washing it off at about 1400 to 1600 psi cold water. This should remove virtually all the paint leaving only a few behind. Identify the remaining stubborn graffiti and go for a second application. Repeat the process until the graffiti has been fully washed off. This should leave no damage to your wall whether brick or mortar.

how to deep clean your house?

There’ll certainly come a time in which even the neatest and tidiest of homes will do just fine with a good deep cleaning. As a pretty tedious task which can easily become overwhelming, it’s always helpful to break the tasks into smaller and more manageable tasks. This guide will show you the best approach to take to have your residential property deep cleaned. However, if you are not confident enough to pull this off, we’d strongly advise that you get in touch with a professional domestic cleaners who can help guarantee the best results and also save you some time as well as money that could result from costly errors or accidents.

  • Dust your house. Dust each and every single room of your house, including the topsides of all furnitures, the undersides of the shelves as well as the handrails, picture frames, TV screens and knickknacks. It’s always better and easier to dry dust, but you can also dampen a microfibre cloth with warm water to get rid of stubborn stains.
  • Clean furniture fabric. Neaten the pillows and furniture blankets, strip and remake beds. Also, brush the furniture surfaces using a vacuum extension as required.
  • Clean the mirrors and glass. Use a soft and clean cloth (both wet and dry) to wipe down mirrors and windows throughout the house.
  • Clean surfaces. Wipe all surfaces throughout the house and disinfect as needed. Ensure to clean all surfaces that the fingers touch like door handles, light swtiches, TV remotes and the likes.
  • Clean the kitchen and bathroom. Spray cleaner on sinks, tubs and toilets and leave for some minutes before coming back to scrub. Wipe down the microwave, cabinet and appliance doors in the kitchen.
  • Clean floors. Sweep and mop or scrub the floors as required.
  • Vacuum the house. Make sure that all the necessary areas are well vacuumed.
how to choose a house cleaner?

Making a house spotlessly clean is a top priority for every home and property owner out there. However, the sad reality remains the fact that only a few actually have the time to scrub, dust and organize their homes exactly the way they would want to. As a result, several homeowners would opt to hire the services of a house cleaner who can ensure that their personal space is long spick-and-span at all times. Unfortunately, not all domestic cleaning services are created equal - while some represent a great value for money, others are simply a total waste! As a result, there’s the need to be very careful when hiring a house cleaner as your home cleanliness and hygiene should always be paramount. In this post, we’re going to provide you with some tips on how to choose the right house cleaner for your residential property. Let’s take a look!


  • Ask for recommendations. Request referrals from your family and friends. Ask them which house cleaning service they use and if they’re happy with their work. If you’re unable to get any, the next best thing are reviews and testimonials. Simply go to Quotatis site and see the list of companies and their honest reviews. Never rely on the testimonials from the cleaning company’s website only, ensure you check third party review sites too.
  • Fully bonded and insured. Hiring a cleaner that’s not insured and bonded means you won’t have any legal protection in the event whereby someone gets injured or your property gets damaged or missing. A reliable cleaning company will always be willing to supply the insurance and bondage proof.
  • A variety of service offerings. The best cleaning companies usually have flexible options you can personalize to suit your needs.
What is the best way to remove graffiti?

A sudden appearance of graffiti on your property carried out by some vandals can be a real concern. Since you know it’s your responsibility to have it cleaned, the question becomes would you rather call in a professional or have it cleaned yourself. While calling in a professional may be costly, removing graffiti by yourself won’t be easy either especially if it’s done on brick. Bricks are known to be porous which enables paint to sink with ease inside all of the surface’s grooves. Unlike wood, they can’t be scraped and if it happens to be an internal wall, it can’t be sand- or water-blasted. So, what is the best way to remove graffiti?

Well, your best bet would be to incorporate chemical and gel masonry stripper. And while stripping of the surface is not a complex task, it does involve a number of applications of stripper and multiple scrubbing which makes it very time consuming.


Basically, a fresh and wet paint should be soaked up with am absorbent material without wiping the paint in order to spread the stain. Once done, you can then proceed to apply a suitable solvent like white spirit. After this, wash the area using a degreasing agent taking care in the disposal of the run-off material.

With dried paint, simply scrape off the paint as far as possible and apply a paint removal using the following steps:


  • Put on your safety gear like a face mask, safety googles and gloves.
  • Apply the paint stripper over the brick wall with a brush starting from a corner at the top of the wall and then working outward and downward.
  • Leave for the specified amount of time by the manufacturer. Then start to scrub off the masonry paint stripper beginning at the top of the wall again. Remove as many paints as possible.
  • Use rags and warm water to wash the wall and allow it to air dry.
  • Repeat the process over again to remove every form of stubborn paint that’s left.
  • Use a white vinegar to spray the stripped wall and wipe off any residue of paint with a brush and rinse with water.
Who is responsible for graffiti removal?

First and foremost, there exists a common argument which revolves around graffiti. While some particular set of people believe that graffiti is vandalism and a punishable offence, other believe it’s actually a form of art which should be encouraged for more to be done. There exists some graffiti with great value, however it must be stated that not all (if not most) graffitis are pleasing to the eye. If you happen to live in an environment that’s rife or perhaps your very own property is vandalized, the detracting aspects of graffiti can be highly frustrating. Therefore, if graffiti is carried out on a property without the consent or permission of the property owner, then this is considered to an illegal act. If you have one done on your property, you’d probably want to know who will be responsible for the graffiti removal. So, who is responsible to removing graffiti which suddenly shows up? Although there are varying rules in various councils, the general rule of thumb is the person responsible for graffiti removal is owner of such property. In other words, if it happens to be on your personal or business property then it’s your responsibility to have it cleaned. However, if it appears on a public or council property, then it’ll be the responsibility of the council to have it removed.

You can report any form of graffiti on your property, but different councils have their unique ways for making such reports. For instance, the City of London offers an app dedicated to help home or property owners report both vandalism and fly tipping. Other states may provide phone numbers and email addresses where you report graffiti to the authorities.

Cleaner help and advice

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