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Glow Green

413 review(s)
Offers services in EAST MIDLANDS
Glow Green is one of the UK's leading providers of energy efficient products that focus on the need to reduce energy consu...
Verified ProOver 50 Reviews

D-Air Services

173 review(s)
Offers services in EAST MIDLANDS
We are D-Air Services Ltd, we are an air conditioning company who deal with installation, servicing and repair works from ...
Verified Pro
Cool Cats Air Conditioning Services Ltd is a top tier heating, cooling and renewable energy company located in Lowestoft E...
Verified Pro

Climate Care

0 review(s)
Offers services in EAST MIDLANDS
Climate Care are REFCOM and SafeContractor accredited, and are qualified to fit, service and repair a wide range of air co...
Verified Pro

Haz Electrical

2 review(s)
Offers services in EAST MIDLANDS
Haz Electrical Limited, established just a year ago, is a testament to our passion for delivering top-notch electrical ser...
Verified Pro

Into Plumbing and Heating

8 review(s)
Offers services in EAST MIDLANDS
Whether it be a simple tap change or a full bathroom refit, we are your local plumbing experts. From repairing a leaking ...

Recent Heating Engineer Enquiries

17 Feb

Heating | LPG | Boiler

Watford - WD17

Enquiry from: Elivia T

Start Date: Immediate

I’m looking to move into a property in May this year it’s a 4 bedroom Victorian maisonette in Watford that uses electricity for water and heating (electric storage heaters) there is mains has into...

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15 Feb

Heating | Gas | Boiler Repair / Service

Leicester - LE3

Enquiry from: Russell B

Start Date: Immediate

pressure release valve replacement

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13 Feb

Heating | Gas | Boiler Replacement

Wigston - LE18

Enquiry from: Narinder R

Start Date: Immediate

homeowner replacement gas boiler supplied and fitted please call to appoint

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12 Feb

Heating | Gas | Boiler Replacement

Ashbourne - DE6

Enquiry from: Simon D

Start Date: Immediate

I would like to fit a new mixer tap on the bath that will also allow for a shower. I will also need a couple of shower panels on the wall. Am looking to proceed as soon as possible. Many thanks and I ...

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09 Feb

Heating | Gas | Boiler Repair / Service

Derby - DE72

Enquiry from: Alex B

Start Date: Immediate

Hi My combi boiler isn’t working and is showing fault code EA / isn’t ignoring. Do you have any availability today and what are your fees Thanks Alex

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08 Feb

Heating | Gas | Boiler Replacement

Retford - DN22

Enquiry from: Trish M

Start Date: Immediate

Customer made an online enquiry for Gas Boiler Replacement and is waiting for a call. Confirmed interest via and needs advice on boiler models suitable for their home.

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06 Feb

Heating | Gas | Boiler Repair / Service

Nottingham - NG2

Enquiry from: Sara B

Start Date: Immediate

Hi David Todd a friend of mine suggested you to service my boiler, it’s about 19 months old

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05 Feb

Heating | Gas | Boiler Repair / Service

Ashbourne - DE6

Enquiry from: Carolyn B

Start Date: Immediate

My combi boiler seems to be running even when everything’s off

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05 Feb

Heating | Gas | Boiler Replacement

Chesterfield - S41

Enquiry from: Susan H

Start Date: Immediate

Customer made an enquiry online for a gas boiler replacement via one of our websites. Confirmed via SMS at 17:27 Customer lives in Chesterfield area. Please call to arrange appointment and discuss ...

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05 Feb

Heating | Oil | Boiler Replacement

Ashbourne - DE6

Enquiry from: Ahmed A

Start Date: Immediate

homeowner replacement oil boiler supplied and fitted please call to appoint

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03 Feb

Heating | LPG | Boiler

Leicester - LE7

Enquiry from: Richard M

Start Date: Immediate

having Heat pump installed and considering changing oven hob from natural to LPG gas. Please call as soon as possible.thanks

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02 Feb

Heating | Biomass Boiler

Louth - LN11

Enquiry from: Sharon M

Start Date: Immediate

Call anytime. Type of building: Detached Number of bedrooms: 4 Access available for delivery of fuel: Yes Mains Gas available: No How became interested in biomass system: Save Money Quote req...

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30 Jan

Heating | Gas | Boiler Repair / Service

Swadlincote - DE12

Enquiry from: Toni A

Start Date: Immediate

hi we'd like to book for our combo boiler to be serviced please. if we could arrange a convenient time? and what the cost would be? thank you toni ann are you the property owner: owner of the property...

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30 Jan

Heating | Gas | Boiler Repair / Service

Market Rasen - LN8

Enquiry from: Craig W

Start Date: Immediate

A Boiler service required

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29 Jan

Heating | LPG | Boiler

Buxton - SK17

Enquiry from: Emma G

Start Date: Immediate

We believe our LPG tank is leaking, as the tank is emptying monthly. The company has fixed a leak there once (25/12/23), but the tank is already nearly empty again. We are requesting they review this ...

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27 Jan

Gas | Appliances / work

Nottingham, Sutton-in-Ashfield - NG17

Enquiry from: Christine B

Start Date: Immediate

Commercial Gas Boiler Lead

need gas cooker to be connected are you the property owner: tenant (with permission) property type: semi detached what energy supply do you have: gas what product does this enquiry relate to: cooker w...

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25 Jan

Heating | Gas | Boiler Repair / Service

Newark - NG22

Enquiry from: Gary E

Start Date: Immediate

Commercial Gas Boiler Lead

boiler service quote, it’s a 5 year old potterton pro max ultra boiler are you the property owner: owner of the property what work do you require: service age of boiler: 6-10 years what make is your...

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24 Jan

Heating | Gas | Boiler Repair / Service

Lincoln - LN3

Enquiry from: Deborah R

Start Date: Immediate

Urgent repair and service. Boiler losing pressure and leaking

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24 Jan

Heating | Gas | Boiler Repair / Service

Grantham - NG31

Enquiry from: Elaine H

Start Date: Immediate

Ann boiler service please and advice on tidy up/ condition of heating pipes

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22 Jan

Heating | Gas | Boiler Replacement

Kettering - NN16

Enquiry from: Ajo J

Start Date: Immediate

are you the property owner: owner of the property is this for a residential or commerial building: domestic type of current boiler: gas what boiler type are you looking for: gas what level of service...

Post a similar request >

How much do Heating Engineer services cost?

How much do Heating Engineers in East Midlands charge?
Prices for Heating Engineers around East Midlands can be very different depending on the kind of task that you require to have actually carried out in your home. It's the inquiry we get asked a whole lot "how much do Heating Engineers in East Midlands charge?". It's often really good to have an idea of how much a Heating Engineer will likely cost for their services. Prices will probably change based upon the materials as well as the tradesman selected. The table reveals the types of service that Heating Engineers typically do and the typical price series of these projects. Some tasks take longer to complete than others so costs do differ by job.

Jobs that Heating Engineers in East Midlands can do:

View our Heating Engineer cost guide View our Heating Engineer advice

The average price
of a Heating Engineer in East Midlands is:


Heating Engineer job Heating Engineer cost in 2024
Combi boiler in East Midlands £1,321-£2,888
Lpg boilers in East Midlands £1,874-£3,345
Biomass boilers in East Midlands £3,751-£6,250
New Oil boiler in East Midlands £2,075-£3,400
Boiler repair and service in East Midlands £69-£167
Electric heaters in East Midlands £1,250-£6,150
Eco boiler (hhrco) in East Midlands £1,321-£2,888
Boiler finance in East Midlands £1,321-£2,888
Heating control system in East Midlands £109-£282
Micro chp boiler in East Midlands £1,876-£3,375
Oil boiler repairs & servicing in East Midlands £113-£139
Gas works in East Midlands £60-£92
Boiler cover in East Midlands £5-£25
Commercial Gas Boiler in East Midlands £1,392-£3,152

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Heating Engineer FAQs

can i repair my own gas boiler?

Can I Repair My Own Gas Boiler?

If you’re more of an handy person, then you’d probably want to fix everything you can around the house while saving yourself some money that would have been spent on hiring a professional instead. This is a very cost effective but at the same time you must know that some tasks are usually more difficult than others, and a good example of those complex tasks is boiler repair. Not only can this be very tough, but they can also potentially be one of the most dangerous home appliances you can acquire. So with that in mind, what can be done to ensure your gas boiler is taken care of and in the event whereby it starts to malfunction, what can be done to remedy the situation?

With regular maintenance and repair of your gas boiler, you’d have absolutely nothing to worry about. However one of the fear several DIYers have is the fact that they might just end up incurring more expenses on services they didn’t really need in the first place. But when it comes to gas boilers, it’s necessary to be certified to work with them as it’s very dangerous to tackle it all by yourself. Despite this, there are still some minor issues that you wouldn’t need to hire a technician to resolve. In some cases, all that would be needed is simply to reset the boiler. To identify where the reset button is, simply go through your boiler’s manual for more information. Most times, all you’ll have to do is press down the reset button for a couple of seconds. If the boiler isn’t fully restored to its normal proper functioning state after two resets, then you may need to call in a professional for help.

how much is a new gas boiler?

If you’re thinking about getting a new gas boiler for your home or property, then you might also be wondering how much it’ll cost you so you can set a budget and start planning. As simple as this question sounds, it’s actually very tricky to provide a simple and short answer as the costs of installing a new gas boiler alone varies greatly based on the parts needed, the amount of work required, your location, their availability as well as the company you hire for the project.

When it comes to purchasing a new gas boiler the price you’re expected to pay also depends on multiple influencing factors such as the type, brand as well as your most preferred gas boiler model. However, one thing you should have in mind is the fact that your gas boiler is right at the heart of your home or property and can be a complicated piece of machinery. As a result, you wouldn’t expect gas boilers to come cheap. Generally, it’s going to cost within the range of £500 to about £2,500 to get a new gas boiler. Therefore, it’s always advisable to obtain all necessary details and facts before you decide to purchase a replacement gas boiler.

This price range may seem too high as it’s usually a turn off for most homeowners. However, it’s worth noting that gas boiler replacement costs and gas boiler installation costs are, more often than not, compensated by the saving you’ll make off your utility bills - all thanks to the new and more energy efficient boiler you just installed in your home. And even more importantly, when it has been estimated that roughly half of the amount spent on energy on an annual basis depends on your boiler.

how much is a new combi boiler?

If you’re thinking about getting a new combi boiler, you may be wondering just how much it’s going to cost so as to start making preparations as soon as possible. However, providing a precise cost for the acquisition and installation of a new combi boiler is simply impossible as combi boiler prices vary greatly in price - usually ranging between £1500 to about £3500 based on the brand of the combi boiler, the insurance or warranty, installation, your location as well as the size and power of the appliance. Due to the fact that combi boilers are compact units which doesn’t need a hot water cylinder or a cold water tank to produce heating and hot water for homes, it’s a very popular type of boiler that’s frequently used especially in the UK.

Combi boilers are also widely known to be the most energy efficient type of boiler because they are able to provide an instant supply of hot water anytime you turn on a tap. Combi boilers particularly perfect for flats and houses where space is limited as they have the ability to deliver instant heating and hot water without requiring any extra parts or components.

In the event whereby you’re about to choose a combi boiler for your home or property, it’s always advisable to compare models as well as prices from only the most reliable and sought after brands across the globe. Depending on the manufacturer, the overall quality of the boilers as well as their prices can differ. However, regardless of your budget, you’ll discover there are a plethora of combi boilers available in the market that’ll also suit your taste.

How to install oil boiler heating system?

How To Install An Oil Boiler Heating System

Just like several other skills, the installation of an oil boiler heating system can be a challenge. It requires enough persistence to actually get right, so if you’re the type with little patience, we’d recommend you hire the services of a professional oil boiler heating system fitter who can guarantee the best results and save you time and extra money due to potential damages.

To install your boiler system yourself, it’s always advisable to start by getting the information on the best installation processes from the supplying company which will go a long way to save you from future headaches. However, we’ve put together this guide to give you a basic knowledge on how its done. Let’s have a look!

lRead Instruction Manual

• Carefully read and digest the instruction manual thoroughly.

• Make sure you understand the installation diagrams

• Spread out the materials and get familiar with them.

lFigure Out What Goes Where

• Take your time to determine where everything goes in relation to the others.

• Identify the new radiator’s position.

• Get sufficient sealants to prevent possible leakages inside the walls.

lIdentify The Pipe Routes

• Determine the pipe routes while fitting the new radiators

lInstall The Boiler

• Turn off water and all electrics

• Fit the boiler into the wall

• Make sure the fittings are secured.

lInstall The Radiator

• The effectiveness of your home’s heating system is as good as the radiators you incorporate and how good they’re installed.

• You may have to utilize extra radiators in large open plan kitchens and living rooms (for effective heating).

lOffer Ventilation

• Once you’ve successfully installed the new radiator, a small dose of air ventilation would be needed.

• Turn the key of each valve located at the bottom, do not stop until a little amount of water spills over the top of the unit.

what does british gas boiler cover include?

As you would have guessed, the British Gas is one of the leading home assistant companies located in the United Kingdom which delivers a large variety of services to customers and boilers. Basically, they offer four (4) service packages. The first package is an annual boiler service and boiler as well as controls repair. Meanwhile the fourth package (also the largest) combines boiler services with central heating, plumbing, drains as well as home electrics.

Apart from the monthly payment package offerings, customers are allowed to pay on a yearly basis with a large lump sum. If you opt to pay annually, this will help you save some amount of money. There’s also the option of paying an extra £60 to further lower either monthly or annual costs. What’s more? Customers are also allowed to pay an extra of £99 to get either £2.50 for boiler repairs a month or £5.50 for both repairs on boiler and its controls as well as central heating system repairs.

After placing a claim, the repairs required by your boiler would be made within 24 hours. However, in certain cases, there may be some delays as British Gas tend to rate vulnerable customers ( such as elderly persons and families with little kids) higher than the usual ones. All products will include a 24/7 customer support, unlimited call outs as well as a 14 day cooling off period if you choose to remove any service.

In conclusion, British Gas is an affordable and hassle free company offering customers top notch services. Their gas boiler cover include so many juicy benefits you simply can’t afford to miss out on if you have a gas boiler in your home or property.

Do biomass boilers take up lots of space?

Many domestic biomass boilers are no bigger than a standard gas boiler. However, they do require a flue, a feeder and a space to store the fuel. These can be designed to suit many different properties and will fit in lots of homes or a garage or outbuilding.

do british gas service oil boilers?

Do British Gas Service Oil Boilers?

Are you interested in finding out whether or not the British Gas service oil boilers? Well, you’ll find the answer in this article! The British Gas engineers are able to repair several types of boilers such as home based combi, conventional as well as system boilers. Unfortunately, they do not fix oil boilers, electric boilers or solid fuel boilers, but if you possess a gas boiler that’s more than 70kW which is mostly present in commercial premises or large buildings you can give them a call.

For a yearly boiler service British Gas engineers will provide the following solutions to ensure central heating and boiler are both in proper working condition and also absolutely safe.

• Inspection of your boiler for possible leaks and corrosion.

• Detach your boiler casing to ascertain the proper functioning of it’s main components.

• Clean up all parts as necessary

• Attach the casing back to the system and make sure its well sealed

• Inspect the level of the gas pressure to ensure that it’s at the right level.

• Perform a flue check to determine that the are no toxic gas emissions like carbon monoxide being discharged by your heating system.

Upon completion of the annual boiler service, the British Gas qualified engineers will then drop a checklist with you which is going to include all the relevant information you may want to know about your boiler system.

In some cases, British Gas engineers may be able to complete the entire boiler service in one visit. However, it all depends on the problem that’s discovered (if any). They may not possess the required part to fix the problem with them, so they’ll have to order it from the British Gas national distribution centre. Most times, this part will get to them the next day so they can finish their tasks as soon as possible.

how long does a gas boiler last?

When it comes to gas boilers, this is one of the most frequent questions that always pops up and for a good reason. When you invest a considerable amount of money to acquire and install a gas boiler in your business property, it’s only reasonable not only to expect the boiler to warm up your property efficiently, but also to do so for a long period of time. If you’ve just bought or about to get a new gas boiler, it’s likely you won’t have to worry about getting a replacement for a lengthy period of time. Several commercial gas boilers will last for anywhere between 10 to 15 years on the average. However in the event whereby you have an existing one that’s fast approaching the end of it’s useful life, then you should know the time go get a new gas boiler is just around the corner, and the earlier you make the purchase, the better (to avoid any surprise breakdowns that’ll leave your home super uncomfortable).

Just like any other home appliance, it’s a fact that an older gas boiler ( especially those that have been installed over a decade ago) are significantly less efficient that the new modern ones. When the older versions were manufactured is a completely different time to now as both technology and climate concerns are wide apart. So when your existing boiler is approaching the end of it’s useful life, it’ll be wise to start saving up to cover the cost of getting a new one. However, if it’s only about 5 years ago your boiler was installed, it’s highly likely to still be very efficient.

Heating Engineer help and advice

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