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Object Builders

0 review(s)
Based in: Oxted, RH8 9JJ
Welcome to Object Builders, where honesty, integrity, and professionalism form the bedrock of our work philosophy. We take...
Verified ProQuotatis Member for 1 year(s)
Strikeforce scaffolding ltd will offer a scaffolding service that will be an excellent service from start to finish. Our q...
Verified ProQuotatis Member for 1 year(s)

Fresh Look Homes

0 review(s)
Based in: Colchester, CO4 9TR
Fresh look homes Ltd is a company that specialises in Cladding of all types and Fascia soffits and guttering. With over ...
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0 review(s)
Based in: Brosmgrove, B61 0JL
Welcome to Weaves Interiors & Outdoors, a family run business. 'Making your home or office' We are here to help design...
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A Gallagher And Son

0 review(s)
Based in: Gwynedd, LL57 2DJ
A Gallagher & Son provide roofing and general building works in across North Wales. We employ only local specialist trades...
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Jtd roofing and building

0 review(s)
Based in: Bedford, MK42 0JA
Jtd roofing and building are a family run business And have been working throughout bedford for the past 20 years, worki...

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How much do Scaffolder services cost?

How much do Scaffolders cost? Costs for Scaffolders in 2023 can fluctuate relying on the kind of service that you require to have actually performed in your house. It's the concern we get asked a great deal "how much do Scaffolders charge?". It's always good to have an idea of how much a Scaffolder will likely cost for their assistance. Prices will certainly vary based upon the materials and also the tradesman picked. The table reveals the sorts of task that Scaffolders generally do and the average cost range of these tasks. Some jobs take longer to complete than others so costs do fluctuate by job.

View our Scaffolder cost guide View our Scaffolder advice

The average price
of a Scaffolder is:


Scaffolder job Scaffolder cost in 2023
Scaffolding £359-£7,580

Scaffolder service qualifications and accreditations

Scaffolders qualifications and also accreditation's: Gaining the right training and knowing how to do your profession is crucial for any kind of tradesperson including Scaffolder s. View the profile of each Scaffolder you are considering to see what accreditation they hold and what trade associations they belong to. Some trade associations that Scaffolders might possibly belong to include: . Equally Scaffolders might even have the following accreditations: Insurance for Scaffolders: Any person that works on your home, including Scaffolders, should have valid public liability insurance, which safeguards you the homeowner and additionally the Scaffolder should regrettably anything happen while they are doing the work. Planning permission for Scaffolders Much of the tasks that a Scaffolder will certainly provide for you will not require planning permission unless its a listed property. Definitely discuss with the Scaffolder if planning permission would be required for the job you are doing, they can recommend the actions that need to be taken.

Services offered by Scaffolder

What solutions do Scaffolders usually supply? There are a number of jobs you could employ a Scaffolder for, and also some of the most typical jobs that Scaffolder are asked to accomplish provide:

Scaffolder FAQs

What is scaffolding?

Scaffolding, also known as scaffold or staging, is an impermanent construction used to provide sustenance to a work crew and materials to help in the erection, upkeep and mending of structures, bridges and all other man-made constructions. Scaffolds are extensively used on site to get access to altitudes and parts that would be otherwise hard to get to. Hazardous scaffolding has the potential to result in demise or serious accidents. Another major use of scaffolding is in modified methods for formwork and shoring, concert stages, grandstand seating, access/viewing towers, ski ramps and art projects.

There are five main types of scaffolding today. These are Tube and Coupler (fitting) components, manufactured segmental system scaffold apparatuses, H-frame / facade modular system scaffolds, timber scaffolds and bamboo scaffolds.

Each type is made from numerous components which every so often include:

• A base plate or jack: It acts as the scaffold’s load-bearing base.

• The upright component with its connector joins.

• The ledger: The horizontal brace.

• The transom: It is a horizontal load-bearing component which helps to hold the batten or the decking unit.

• The brace diagonal.

• Cross-section bracing component

• The batten or the board decking component: On which the working platform is made.

• The coupler: A fitting which joins components together.

• The scaffold tie: It is used to tie in the scaffold to structures.

• The Brackets: It is used to extend the width of working platforms.

Particular machinery used to support in their usage as a provisional edifice often comprises of heavy-duty weight-bearing transoms, ladders or stairway units for the ingress and egress of the scaffold, beams ladder/unit types used to span obstacles and rubbish chutes used to eliminate undesirable constituents from the scaffold or construction development.

The European Standard, BS EN 12811-1, stipulates performance necessities and procedures of physical and universal design for access and working scaffolds. Requirements specified are for scaffold constructions that depend on the adjacent erections for steadiness.

How to build a scaffold tower?

How to build a scaffolding tower?

Scaffolding is every so often an essential portion of construction and home maintenance. You must set up scaffolding properly to make sure you and anybody else using the equipment stays safe. A mistake in establishing a scaffolding could lead to a serious accident. Scaffolding is an alternative to ladders. An advantage of using scaffolding is the bigger work range and flexibility it offers over that of a ladder. It possesses a stage for walking and for keeping all your tools.

The steps to build a good scaffolding

You will first need to find a secure and stable foundation on which you will build and put op the scaffold. Next, you will need base plates that will help to make the footing of the scaffold more stable. One of the chief worries here is to have the scaffolding equal and on safe ground.

Opt for casters.

If your project involves moving your scaffolding to work on several spots, include casters in your scaffolding setup. Do not forget to lock the casters after you get it in place.

Assemble the scaffolding frame.

Lay out the ends of the scaffolding. First, you will need to lift one of the end pieces and attach it with the upper cross brace. While you are lifting the second end piece to attach it to its upper cross brace, the far end of the previous brace should support it.

Make sure the scaffold is stable.

Move the scaffold until you think that the position is perfect, and make sure it is level and secure.

Place the planks.

Lift the boards through the scaffold bars and into the right place.

Secure access to the scaffold.

If you are using ladders to access the scaffold, use the ones that are designed specifically for that very type of scaffold.

Attach the guardrails.

Attaching guardrails is highly advised due to the risks of falling. You should also consider using tie-offs and other means of fall protection.

Inspect the scaffolding to ensure safety.

Thoroughly examine the scaffolding set up to make sure all pieces are secure.

What does a scaffolder do?

Scaffolders erect and pull apart provisional metal scaffolding on constructions and building sites, so that other individuals can labour at elevation and carry out their jobs without harm. Scaffolders are generally in charge of putting up the scaffolds outside and inside the building being constructed, renovated or even demolished.

Although there are no official credentials required to become a scaffolder, there are numerous ways you could take to help you follow this career path. You may perhaps complete a college course, a traineeship or apply straight to an employer for work. You ought to explore these paths to becoming a scaffolder, to find out which is the correct one for you. Even though some of these choices have certain qualification necessities, many employers are more concerned in individuals who are passionate, keen to learn and can follow orders. A CSCS card (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) might be needed for you to be able to work on a construction site.

College/training provider

Although there are no set admission necessities, anyone given a career as a scaffolder would profit from reaching GCSE qualifications (or equivalent) in maths and English. To start as a scaffolder, you will have to get a Level 2 certificate in Construction Operations or a Level 1 Certificate in Construction Skills.

Work experience

Work experience is indispensable to securing employment inside the construction business. You can get this at school, or you may choose to work on weekends and holidays with a company or relative who works as a scaffolder. Possible employers will always be delighted to see work knowledge listed on your CV.

Some of the desirable skills for a scaffolder:

• Confidence to work at heights.

• Hand-eye coordination should be excellent.

• Should have a healthy level of physical fitness.

• Ability to interpret technical drawings.

• Have excellent written and verbal communication skill.

How much does scaffolding cost?

The usual scaffolding value significantly differs depending on the nature of the brief construction that you require. If you rent scaffolding, the cost would range from £10 to £36. For a rental extending to a week, you can expect the scaffolding rental cost to range from £30 to £110. This cost will still be dependent on different factors like the kind of scaffolding, dimensions and the site. There are also instances where there are distinct costs for every frame section, guard rail and wheel.

How much does it cost to rent scaffolding if you need more height?

A quick fix is turning a workbench into a scaffold, in case you require more height. The cost ranges from £30 or more. This will depend on the capacity and size. If you want to use a folding ladder made of aluminium, the cost ranges from £220 to £580.

Using this ladder adds more support. If you rent a 4 wheeled scaffolding structure, you can expect the cost to range around £60 to £220. There might also be cases where you might need to add accessories along with the basic scaffolding which can add up to a cost of about £140.

What is the cost of renting scaffolding for heavy-duty?

It is a bit more expensive if you rent scaffolding for heavy-duty work and can cost you as high as £1450. For instance, the cost of a scaffolding that can hold up to 2000 pounds is about £870.

There are some extra costs that you need to include additionally. There are certain sections of the scaffolding which need to be transported, in this case, you will have to bear the fee of about £36. It can go as high as £110 depending on the distance travelled and the size.

How long can scaffolding be left up?

You must use a builder or scaffolding outworker who is skilled and knowledgeable to put up scaffolding. This means they require to have the essential skills, knowledge and familiarity to be able to accomplish health and safety. A capable scaffolder will hold an effective Construction Industry Record Scheme (CISRS) Card – it is up to your agent to check that this person is capable before any work begins.

When should scaffolding be checked for safety?

According to the law, the user of the scaffolding must check it to ensure that it is safe:

• Before they first use it

• After every seven days after putting it is up

• After any alterations, or damage due to extreme weather conditions

When do you need scaffolding?

It is up to your trader to evaluate the level of hazard and use a suitable apparatus. Repairing or replacing a single tile is never going to be same as installing solar panels that are high up 30 storeys high. Everything is dependent on the type of work and the risks involved. Traders need to guarantee that their staff will remain safe as they work on your property. This means working from the ground if possible. If they need to work at higher altitudes, they must minimise the danger of falling by using present safe roof zones or scaffolding.

You wouldn’t need a license if your builder has to put up scaffolding inside your property premises. However, if the scaffolding has to go out on the pavement or anywhere outside your premises, your builder or scaffolder needs to get a license from the building council.


Scaffolders face an inimitable set of hazards due to working at high altitudes. Builders or scaffolding organizations require insurance that covers those risks, together with public liability insurance to cover any damage to the public triggered by falling items from the scaffold as well as employers’ liability insurance to cover their persons if they are wounded while working at height. This is an important thing to check before any other work begins.

What is a scaffolder?

A construction professional trained in putting up platforms and scaffolds is known as a scaffolder. These individuals can erect scaffolds related to building construction, and they can also work on offshore oil rigs, power stations, and projects such as parade viewing platforms. The pay is typically low, because the work is fairly basic, although those who specialize in more complex types of jobs may be able to obtain better salaries.

Being a scaffolder is not as easy as it sounds. The person will have to be a high school graduate and physically fit. It is also helpful if you are not afraid of heights. Training for this provided during the job while hard workers and fast learners get the chance at an early promotion.

The first step involves finding out the requirement and coming up with a plan. Scaffolds are generally made of metal and uses clips to snap into place. This allows fluid configuration of the scaffold structure as per needs. Wood is also sometimes used. After the scaffolding is set up, platforms are made to walk and hold tools. Safety nets and other safety measures should also be kept in place in some cases. After completing the job, the scaffolds can be easily dismantled and moved.

Construction of new buildings or renovation of any structure will utilise scaffolds. A skilled scaffolder can work as part of a team of people to put up a stable, well-anchored scaffolding that may stay up for weeks, months, or years, depending on the job. Periodically the scaffold needs to be reconfigured based on the need of the progress of the work. This is also particularly true in cases of restoration to avoid any sort of damage to the structures underneath the scaffolding. Scaffolders need to keep up with the restoration or the construction and periodically adjust the scaffolds as necessary.

Scaffolder help and advice

How to Choose the Right Scaffolding for your Project Published: 24/05/2016 Having the right scaffolding for a project is vital. If it’s not the appropriate structure for the building, the safety of the workers and people around the scaffolding could be compromised. Another big reason for making sure you have the right scaffolding is that the contractors working on your project will be able to maximise […] Read this article
5 Things you Must do when Erecting Scaffolding Published: 17/05/2016 Erecting scaffolding can seem daunting, so if you have the money to hire a contractor to erect it for you, it might be the safer option. But if you only need to build a simple tower, you can rent scaffolding material cheaply. As long as you feel confident and follow these 5 tips, you should […] Read this article
Why Scaffolding is Safer than Ever Before Published: 26/04/2016 Lots of people think that scaffolding is a new technique used for construction, but it’s actually been around for centuries. Great Wonders like the Pyramids were built using a primitive kind of scaffolding, so it’s a technique that has come a long way since it was first used and is proven to work. But structures […] Read this article

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