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Home Services

69 review(s)
Based in: Sunderland, SR3 1SH
We repair all Roofs Gutters and installation, chimneys pointed lead dressings. Also install and repair Cctv,Sound systems...
Verified ProQuotatis Member for 1 year(s)
Air Conditioning and heat pump systems Company with over 5 years of continual trading. Our engineers operate throughout L...
Verified ProOver 10 ReviewsQuotatis Member for 1 year(s)


11 review(s)
Based in: Cambridge, CB4 0WS
Commercial and domestic security solutions. We provide all types of intruder alarm systems and CCTV products to suit all b...
Verified Pro

Story Electrical And Sons

0 review(s)
Based in: Peterborough, PE6 8GY
Story Electrical is an award winning business that are specialists in renewable energy, in particular EV charge points, So...
Verified Pro

RJ PAT Testing

6 review(s)
Based in: Coventry, CV2 2NF
PAT testing is essential to meet the health and safety standard for every property as it reduces the risk from electrical ...
Verified ProOver 20 ReviewsQuotatis Member for 1 year(s)
Prime Security Installations Ltd (PSI) providing security solutions to both Residential and Commercial properties. Intrude...

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How much do Security Specialist services cost?

How much do Security Specialists charge? Prices for Security Specialists in 2023 can fluctuate depending upon the type of work that you require to have carried out in your residence. It's the concern we get asked a great deal "how much do Security Specialists charge?". It's often better to have an idea of how much a Security Specialist are going to likely charge for their services. Rates are going to rise and fall based on the materials as well as the tradesman selected. The table reveals the sorts of job that Security Specialists commonly do and the standard price variety of these projects. Some jobs take longer to finish than others so prices do vary by task.

View our Security Specialist cost guide View our Security Specialist advice

The average price
of a Security Specialist is:


Security Specialist job Security Specialist cost in 2023
Cctv £448-£4,603
Home intercoms £560-£2,963
Intruder Alarm £458-£6,284
Security gates £3,060-£17,875
Security shutters £1,209-£7,788
Smoke alarms £344-£16,029

Security Specialist service qualifications and accreditations

Security Specialists credentials as well as accreditation's: Getting the best training and also learning just how to do your profession is vital for any kind of trade including Security Specialist s. Review the profile of each Security Specialist you are considering to see what accreditation they hold and also what trade associations they belong to. Some trade associations that Security Specialists may be a member of include: TrustMark, Federation of Master Builders, British Security Industry Association. Equally Security Specialists might even have the following accreditations: SSAIB, Chartered Institute of Building, KitemarkInsurance for Security Specialists: Any person who works on your property, including Security Specialists, should have valid public liability insurance, which protects you the house owner as well as likewise the Security Specialist should regrettably anything happen while they are doing the job. Planning permission for Security Specialists Many of the jobs that a Security Specialist will provide for you won't need planning permission unless its a listed building. Always discuss with the Security Specialist if planning permission would be needed for the job you are doing, they can suggest the actions that require to be taken.

Services offered by Security Specialist

What services do Security Specialists normally offer? There are a number of work you could employ a Security Specialist for, as well as several of the most usual tasks that Security Specialist are asked to accomplish include:

Security Specialist FAQs

How does an intruder alarm system work?

Intruder alarm systems work in various ways and all with one goal in mind - ensuring the safety of both the building and valuables. Whether it’s a small or big home or property, there is a wide range of systems that can be installed to guarantee adequate protection from unwanted visitors. They work with various applications and you get to determine the action to be made in the event whereby the protected zone is violated and system triggered.

Intruder Alarm Systems come in three main types which includes:

• The Bells-Only Intruder Alarm System - Whenever there is a violation, the only action would be to trigger the alarm, nothing more.

• The Communicators - These alarm systems are basically speech dialers which automatically sends a message to various selected number whenever there is an intrusion.

• Monitored Systems - Here, the monitoring centre would be alerted once there is a breach in security.

However, irrespective of the type, most intruder alarm systems operate following a similar series of steps.

lSensing of motion. The systems usually feature door and window sensors which detects any contact of the door/window in the frame when shut. There are also the motion sensors which can be strategically stationed across the property to detect any motion and possible breach of security.

lTriggering of the control panel. The system is interconnected, and all components are linked to a control panel where all detectors’ and sensors’ generated informations are relayed. The alarm countdown is activated in the event whereby a contact is made and circuit impacted.

lSounding of the alarm - Once the alarm countdown has been initiated, failure to insert an abort code will ultimately sound the alarm. The external sounder that comes with the system produces a loud sound to notify people about the security breach or intrusion. There is also an interior sounder which works to bring the presence of an intruder to the awareness of the occupants.

lDeactivating the alarm. With the control panel, users can easily activate/deactivate the alarm system via a fob, code or selected smartphone apps. Click on the link to learn more about intruder alarm systems -

Do alarms deter burglars?

Visible alarm systems can deter burglars. There are a range of options for what happens when an alarm is triggered. For example, there are bells only, alarm receiving centre, and homeowner monitored alarms. These are all effective as deterrence methods, and which you choose will depend on your specific needs.

Are wireless alarms secure?

Given the poor reputation of wireless alarm systems over time for being largely unreliable, it’s no surprise many potential investors are curious to know how wise a wireless alarm system purchase decision is. The main issue with the older models is the fact that they possess an inadequate monitoring capabilities as well as receiving range which makes it hard to detect signals of intrusion or potential failures. Hence, this makes the older wireless models totally unreliable.

However, the immense improvement in the wireless technology has ultimately made the newer versions a lot more reliable. Although, in rare cases, they might be affected by some interferences which can result in the malfunctioning of the sensors. Overall, with proper care and maintenance, wireless alarms can be just as reliable as the wired alarms.

Here are some of the advantages of using wireless alarms:

• Due to the little amount of wirings incorporated, a wireless system is significantly neater than the wired system.

• They are very easier to install and consumes little time

• Wireless alarm systems are highly flexible. To expand your system, you can include door or window sensors and motion sensors.

• The system’s security options enables the connection of smart devices to your alarm via a network connection. As a result, you can easily activate or deactivate your alarm and get alarm notifications via your Smartphone.

• They are very portable. This implies you can always carry your alarm with you if you ever decide to relocate.

• You get to benefit from systems with a key fob and other wireless-enabled features.

• Wireless alarms are user-friendly, making it very easy and quick to install and set up.

With the above mentioned points, you can be rest assured that a wireless alarm is now more secured than ever and a good option if you wish to install a home security system.

How much does a burglar alarm cost?

This is usually the question that comes first when thinking about installing a home security system and reasonably so. However, it can also be very tricky to provide an accurate answer as alarms now features varying shapes and sizes. However one thing to have in mind when it comes to getting a burglar alarm is that it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry. Here, we are going to provide a clear and succinct information to help you get a good idea of how much you’d have to spend to have your house secured.

Let’s Consider the Different Types of Burglar Alarms

• Bells-only alarms

This is the most popular type which features a loud siren that is positioned at the exterior of your building and linked with varying motion sensors in strategic locations. Whenever a motion is detected by the sensors, an ear-splitting sound would be triggered. To get the basic starter kit (2-3 sensors and 1 siren) for a DIY installation, the cost ranges between £130 - £160. However for a more advanced system, the price jumps to £400 - £500.

• Dialler alarm systems

This works with different motion sensors strategically placed across the home. When triggered, it sets off the siren and also rings your mobile device. A system with two sensors and one emergency number costs between £200 - £300.

• Monitored alarm systems

This system is linked to a central call centre who alarms the authorities or private security to a violation of the protected zone. The cost for a monitored alarm system starts within the range of £500 to £600, while the monitoring services can cost within the range of £300 to £400 annually.

Other Possible Costs

• Installation

After purchase, you’ll need to decide whether or not you want your system professionally installed. Generally, the cost of getting a professional installation service costs between £150 to £200.

• Maintenance

Do you think your burglar alarm requires yearly maintenance inspections? Depending on the make and model of the system, the maintenance cost may vary. However, the prices usually starts within a range of £100 to £150.

How do home security alarms work?

Home security alarms discharge their duties following a simple concept - ensuring all entry points into the building are secured. This is done through the placement of sensors at all possible points of entry. These sensors, in turn, detects all possible breach in security and relays the information to either the control panel or the command centre situated somewhere in the building.

The usual spots where the sensors are installed includes the doors, windows (especially the easily accessible ones at the ground level) and any other possible entrance into and from a house. Meanwhile, motion sensors can also be incorporated to secure the open spaces inside the home.

Here are the important components of a home security alarm:

• The Control Panel. This basically controls the entire security system. It can activate or deactivate the alarm by communicating with all installed components. In the event whereby there is an intrusion, it automatically triggers the alarm and raises the awareness of an alarm monitoring company. It normally comes with a touchpad which allows for easy interaction and settings to activate/deactivate the alarm system. The control panel can also operate on voice commands and can be set to work using key fobs (also known as wireless remote controls).

• Door & Window Sensors. These comprises two parts which are to be placed in adjacent positions to each other - on the door/window and the door frame or window sill to generate a security circuit when the door/window is shut.

• Motion Sensors. These sensors are used to protect an open space which cannot be breached without the alarm going off.

• Surveillance Cameras. Think of them as the ‘eyes’ monitoring the secured zone. They come in both wired and wireless configurations and can be remotely accessed on Smartphones, Tablets and PCs.

• High-Decibel Alarm. Alarms often serve two great functions. They are often loud enough to alert both occupants and nearby neighbours, but also shrill enough to send the intruder running.

• Yard Sign & Window Stickers. They may actually act as a marketing medium for alarm companies, but they are also sending an indirect message to potential intruders telling them to reconsider their intended illegal activity as the property is professionally protected. Click on the link to learn more about home security alarm systems -

What is an intruder alarm system?

The simplest definition of an intruder alarm system can be gotten from its name. Basically, it can be referred to as a method or means through which a property is protected against intruders via a system of interconnected devices and components which alerts or notifies the owner or monitoring station whenever there is a violation.

The intruder alarm system is an integrated electronic devices network which works together and features a central control panel which keeps the facility secured against all potential home intruders.

An intruder alarm system, typically, features the following:

• Control Panel - Primary controller of the entire system.

• Interior and exterior motion sensors

• Security cameras, either wired or wireless

• Sensors, for both doors and windows

• An alarm or siren

• Window stickers & yard sign.

Depending on the security needs as well as budget, the intruder alarm system can be a simple one suitable for the basic protection of a home, or a more advanced one which does not only protects the facility but also goes a long way to make the users’ life a lot more comfortable. The later can perform a plethora of great functions in home automation such as access controls, and heating and lighting control. With the features of the property in mind, alongside the investor’s security needs and future expansion possibilities, an intruder system installation company can help select the best option for the home or property.

What’s more? The intruder alarm system’s manipulators or interface devices are modern touch panels that have been designed not only to showcase its visual appeal and intuitive operation, but also to ensure the smooth and easy control of the whole system by storing maps of the property on memory cards. And to the delight of both investors and potential investors, the system can also be controlled directly from mobile devices or PCs which features the necessary applications and internet connection. Click on the link to learn more about intruder alarm systems -

How many sensors do I need?

The number of sensors you need will depend on the size of your home. Most alarm systems feature 2-4 passive infrared sensors (PIRs) for motion detection, and 2-4 magnetic contact sensors on doors and windows. An alarm company will advise you of how many your property will need upon an inspecton.

What is the best security alarm system for the home?

What Is The Best Security Alarm System For Home?

Do you know you do not have to break the bank to secure your home and achieve peace of mind? Conventional home security systems generally require costly pro installation alongside extensive contracts. However with the advent of the smart versions, you can save a lot of money through personal installation and opting out of a monitoring plan if you deem fit.

If you are thinking about installing the best security alarm system in your home, there are a couple of factors you should take into account. These includes the ability to control the system remotely, wired or wireless system, motion detectors and video cameras. Across the series of home security systems we’ve tested and reviewed, SimpliSafe happens to be the most easy-to-use and install, reliable, affordable and well detailed. What’s more? It doesn’t seek to tie you down with a monitoring plan as you can choose to opt in/out at anytime.

Discover The SimpliSafe Difference!

As a user-friendly DIY security alarm system, SimpliSafe is right on top of the lot with several amazing features designed to improve security while also enhancing your comfort. The add-ons include a doorbell camera, smart lock, interior video camera as well as sensors. The system offers a 24/7 live-monitoring fees that are affordable and also highly competitive. However, a con of the system includes the lack of self-monitoring options or outdoor cameras. This implies that if you’re not subscribed to any monitoring plan, the security alarm system will only be able to operate locally. Also, it can be used with August locks, which represents the only non-SimpliSafe device compatible with the system. Overall, SimpliSafe is simply the best option available in the market mainly due to its impressive selection of add-ons, affordability, as well as its simplicity.

Security Specialist help and advice

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