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A Gallagher & Son provide roofing and general building works in across North Wales. We employ only local specialist trades...

Recent Security Specialist Enquiries

30 Aug

Security | CCTV

Isle of Man - IM7

Enquiry from: Rosemary C

Start Date: Immediate

cameras replaced intruder alarm link to personal phone

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06 Aug

Security | Fire / Smoke Alarms

Isle of Man - IM9

Enquiry from: Stewart F

Start Date: Immediate

A domestic 4 head fire sprinkler system

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14 May

Security | Intercom / Entry System

Isle of Man - IM2

Enquiry from: Simon N

Start Date: Immediate

Enquirer: Property Owner General information: Install Ring Doorbell Pro

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30 Dec

Security | Gates

Isle of Man - IM1

Enquiry from: Juan M

Start Date: Immediate

I looking for a wooden automatic sliding door 2 meters long x 1.5 meters high,from how much cost ,thamk you.

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06 Feb

Security | Intruder Alarms

Isle of Man - IM3

Enquiry from: Ms W

Start Date: Immediate

Hello, could you please give me an estimate cost to fit a burglar alarm to the ground floor flat, many thanks What level of service do you require: Supply only

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06 Sep

Security | CCTV

Isle of Man - IM7

Enquiry from: David H

Start Date: 1 to 3 months

I would be interested in understanding what the quotes would be for intruder alert system, cctv and security gates etc. Are you the property owner: Owner of the property Is the building: Domestic Wh...

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26 Aug

Security | CCTV

Isle of Man - IM1

Enquiry from: Fenella C

Start Date: Less than one month

Hi, just wondering if you install CCTV in homes. Regards Fen Are you the property owner: Owner of the property Is the building: Domestic Where do require systems to be placed: Front entrance (outside)...

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How much do Security Specialist services cost?

How much do Security Specialists charge? Prices for Security Specialists in 2024 can fluctuate depending upon the type of work that you require to have carried out in your residence. It's the concern we get asked a great deal "how much do Security Specialists charge?". It's often better to have an idea of how much a Security Specialist are going to likely charge for their services. Rates are going to rise and fall based on the materials as well as the tradesman selected. The table reveals the sorts of job that Security Specialists commonly do and the standard price variety of these projects. Some jobs take longer to finish than others so prices do vary by task.

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The average price
of a Security Specialist in Isle Of Man is:


Security Specialist job Security Specialist cost in 2024
Cctv in Isle Of Man £563-£863
Home intercoms in Isle Of Man £338-£518
Intruder Alarm in Isle Of Man £263-£403
Security gates in Isle Of Man £3,380-£6,750
Security shutters in Isle Of Man £375-£575
Smoke alarms in Isle Of Man £113-£173

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Security Specialist FAQs

Does CCTV deter crime?

Various studies have suggested that CCTV is an effective deterrent against home burglaries. In the event that a crime is committed on your property, well placed CCTV means you’ll have the evidence to help the police. It has been recorded consistantly that since CCTV systems have been installed, localised crime has fallen and has lead to more arrests.

Do alarms deter burglars?

Visible alarm systems can deter burglars. There are a range of options for what happens when an alarm is triggered. For example, there are bells only, alarm receiving centre, and homeowner monitored alarms. These are all effective as deterrence methods, and which you choose will depend on your specific needs.

What are network enabled or IP cameras?

Network enabled/IP cameras are digital CCTV cameras. With these cameras, the video captured can be streamed over the internet anywhere in the world. Most manufacturers of IP cameras have a smartphone app that allows you to watch the video feed on your phone.

Are wireless alarms secure?

Given the poor reputation of wireless alarm systems over time for being largely unreliable, it’s no surprise many potential investors are curious to know how wise a wireless alarm system purchase decision is. The main issue with the older models is the fact that they possess an inadequate monitoring capabilities as well as receiving range which makes it hard to detect signals of intrusion or potential failures. Hence, this makes the older wireless models totally unreliable.

However, the immense improvement in the wireless technology has ultimately made the newer versions a lot more reliable. Although, in rare cases, they might be affected by some interferences which can result in the malfunctioning of the sensors. Overall, with proper care and maintenance, wireless alarms can be just as reliable as the wired alarms.

Here are some of the advantages of using wireless alarms:

• Due to the little amount of wirings incorporated, a wireless system is significantly neater than the wired system.

• They are very easier to install and consumes little time

• Wireless alarm systems are highly flexible. To expand your system, you can include door or window sensors and motion sensors.

• The system’s security options enables the connection of smart devices to your alarm via a network connection. As a result, you can easily activate or deactivate your alarm and get alarm notifications via your Smartphone.

• They are very portable. This implies you can always carry your alarm with you if you ever decide to relocate.

• You get to benefit from systems with a key fob and other wireless-enabled features.

• Wireless alarms are user-friendly, making it very easy and quick to install and set up.

With the above mentioned points, you can be rest assured that a wireless alarm is now more secured than ever and a good option if you wish to install a home security system.

What is an intruder alarm system?

The simplest definition of an intruder alarm system can be gotten from its name. Basically, it can be referred to as a method or means through which a property is protected against intruders via a system of interconnected devices and components which alerts or notifies the owner or monitoring station whenever there is a violation.

The intruder alarm system is an integrated electronic devices network which works together and features a central control panel which keeps the facility secured against all potential home intruders.

An intruder alarm system, typically, features the following:

• Control Panel - Primary controller of the entire system.

• Interior and exterior motion sensors

• Security cameras, either wired or wireless

• Sensors, for both doors and windows

• An alarm or siren

• Window stickers & yard sign.

Depending on the security needs as well as budget, the intruder alarm system can be a simple one suitable for the basic protection of a home, or a more advanced one which does not only protects the facility but also goes a long way to make the users’ life a lot more comfortable. The later can perform a plethora of great functions in home automation such as access controls, and heating and lighting control. With the features of the property in mind, alongside the investor’s security needs and future expansion possibilities, an intruder system installation company can help select the best option for the home or property.

What’s more? The intruder alarm system’s manipulators or interface devices are modern touch panels that have been designed not only to showcase its visual appeal and intuitive operation, but also to ensure the smooth and easy control of the whole system by storing maps of the property on memory cards. And to the delight of both investors and potential investors, the system can also be controlled directly from mobile devices or PCs which features the necessary applications and internet connection. Click on the link to learn more about intruder alarm systems -

how to install a security gate?

Having a security gate installed on your property brings about a lot of benefits. However, to ensure these benefits are maximized, it’s important to make sure the gates are properly installed. The installation can be made a DIY task or professionally installed. If you wish to install your security gates by yourself, then you’ve come to the right place! In this post, we’re going to take you through the processes involved in the installation of a security gate. Let’s take a look!

  1. Go through the instructions carefully to get the best out of your installation and also a good understanding.
  2. Dig holes for the posts. Don’t make holes round to make sure the posts do not turn or twist.
  3. Get rid of any obstructions like uneven ground, rocks or any other obstacles that may impact the free opening of the gate.
  4. Re-confirm the distance between the two poles to make sure that the gate can hang perfectly between them.
  5. Get an adjustable hinge. Adjustable hinge will allow for extra customization while also enabling improved correction of errors.
  6. Make sure that the measurement taken leaves sufficient space for vehicles such as emergency vehicles and package delivery trucks when opened.
  7. If you have a fence that’ll be connected to the gate, you should install the gate at the back of the fencing pillars. If you later decide to automate the security gate, this will prove to be a smart move as it enables a free and unhindered function.
  8. Make sure you go through the local laws before installation.
Which CCTV camera should I get?

The type of camera that will be most effective will vary depending on the space you would like to monitor as well as the specific location. Professional CCTV installation companies can carry out a survey of your property and identify the key areas to monitor.

How to install a Ring doorbell?

There are a wide array of smart ring doorbells available in the market today and all coming with detailed installation instructions. Here, we’ll make it clearer to enable you get it done right, the right time and with little stress. With a properly installed ring video doorbell, you’ll be able to identify who’s at the door before opening and even chat with them via your table, PC or Smartphone. And to make it even more interesting, you can easily install a ring doorbell yourself and save some money.

Installation Steps

• Assemble the mounting bracket

Bring out the mounting bracket that comes with your ring video doorbell. You’ll discover a small level within the mounting bracket, put this on the bracket’s slot. Once done, gently line it up to the spot where you want to place your doorbell.

• Determine the pilot holes

Firstly, ensure the bubble found in the level is straight. Then, mark out where the screws will go through.

• Drill the identified pilot hole spots

When drilling, you’ll need not just your drill and drill bit (or a masonry bit, if its a brick), but also your eye and ear protection. Drill the marked out spots to create pilot holes and subsequently hammer in the plastic anchors that comes in the ring doorbell’s pack to help hold your screws in place. Once done, put the bracket on the top and tighten your screws.

• Scan the QR Code

With the use of your phone, scan the special QR code given behind your doorbell to ensure the ring doorbell is only accessible by you and your loved ones.

• Secure the doorbell

Ensure that the bracket is properly in place and attach your doorbell to the mounting bracket. Once done, you can make it safe by using smaller security screws to hold it. Upon completion, your ring doorbell is ready for use - it’s that easy!

Security Specialist help and advice

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