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A Gallagher And Son

0 review(s)
Offers services in SCOTLAND
A Gallagher & Son provide roofing and general building works in across North Wales. We employ only local specialist trades...
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0 review(s)
Offers services in SCOTLAND
We provide verisure smart alarm system for £199 and free installation with free arlo door bell
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Ultimate Home Solutions

1 review(s)
Offers services in SCOTLAND
I started my career in the home improvement industry in 2005 working for various companies offering home improvement servi...
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Handyman Extraordinaire

0 review(s)
Offers services in SCOTLAND
Bark is an online marketplace that connects customers with local and online professionals. We take the hassle out of findi...
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Tuff Security

0 review(s)
Offers services in SCOTLAND
TUFF Security has been serving the Security industry with its professional approach.we are the largest local security syst...

Recent Security Specialist Enquiries

24 Jan

Security | Shutters

Ayr - KA8

Enquiry from: Mandy B

Start Date: Immediate

I would like a quote for a shutter for my back door. Thankyou

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11 Dec

Security | Intruder Alarms

Greenock - PA16

Enquiry from: James W

Start Date: Immediate

ring doorbell installation

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05 Dec

Security | Intercom / Entry System

Aberdeen - AB15

Enquiry from: Elena G

Start Date: Immediate

I need an Intercom replacement

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18 Nov

Security | Gates

Maybole - KA19

Enquiry from: Sarah T

Start Date: Immediate

To extend an already existing chain link fence for a commercial dog park with a security gate and privacy screen

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17 Nov

Security | Intercom / Entry System

Aberdeen - AB10

Enquiry from: Duncan B

Start Date: Immediate

Replacement of old door entry system, front door entry with handsets *** a*** floor flats. Ground flat not linked (has simple wireless doorbell) but could include depending on price difference bet***n...

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06 Nov

Security | Shutters

Isle of Islay - PA46

Enquiry from: Joshua R

Start Date: Immediate

We need a service on our shutters for our biomass plant that provides power to Bunnahabhain distillery. There are 4 industrial shutters that all need servicing.

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23 Oct

Security | Fire / Smoke Alarms

Shotts - ML7

Enquiry from: Edith R

Start Date: Immediate

home wired fire alarm outside light replaced fuse in upstairs ensuite fixed

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30 Aug

Security | CCTV

Isle of Man - IM7

Enquiry from: Rosemary C

Start Date: Immediate

cameras replaced intruder alarm link to personal phone

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23 Aug

Security | Fire / Smoke Alarms

Largs - KA30

Enquiry from: Marion M

Start Date: Immediate

All requirements for 2 bed flat , gas boiler, gas cooker

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21 Aug

Security | Fire / Smoke Alarms

Lanark - ML11

Enquiry from: John R

Start Date: Immediate

Our smoke alarm situated in the main hallway has broken. We need it to be replaced and possibly connected to other alarms wirelessly, if possible, thanks

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17 Aug

Security | Fire / Smoke Alarms

Cupar - KY15

Enquiry from: Sheila C

Start Date: Immediate

I need help with installing interlinked heat and smoke alarms. I have an old smoke alarm which I think is wired in and need to replace this. Also, I have high ceilings and can't do a simple installa...

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24 Jul

Security | Fire / Smoke Alarms

Inverness - IV3

Enquiry from: Mary M

Start Date: Immediate

installation and supply of smoke alarms are you the property owner: owner of the property property type: terrace what type of product are you looking for: smoke alarm what level of service do you req...

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12 Jul

Security | CCTV

Glasgow - G33

Enquiry from: Ngozi E

Start Date: Immediate

CCTV round my house such that I can see what’s happening from inside my house

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06 Jun

Security | Fire / Smoke Alarms

Pitlochry - PH16

Enquiry from: Angie N

Start Date: Immediate

quote for fire alarm interlink, plus issues with kitchen spotlight’s. are you the property owner: owner of the property property type: detached what type of product are you looking for: smoke alarm...

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05 Jun

Security | Fire / Smoke Alarms

Aberdeen - AB12

Enquiry from: Irene G

Start Date: Immediate

smoke alarm is beeping - needs new battery? need help please are you the property owner: owner of the property property type: semi detached what level of service do you require: repair time scale: i...

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01 Jun

Security | CCTV

Tarbert - PA29

Enquiry from: Leigh M

Start Date: Immediate

bought simplisafe security alarm system,single female fleeing violence are you the property owner: tenant (with permission) is the building: domestic

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08 May

Security | Fire / Smoke Alarms

Peterhead - AB42

Enquiry from: Robert M

Start Date: Immediate

Install heat and smoke alarms. We already have these, 2-Smoke Alarms, 1-Carbon Monoxide and 1 Heat alarm

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01 May

Security | Fire / Smoke Alarms

Ayr - KA7

Enquiry from: Alexander K

Start Date: Immediate

Eicr for smoke alarm circuit. Eicr for 1 bedroom flat as well.

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16 Apr

Security | CCTV

Grangemouth - FK3

Enquiry from: Ernest H

Start Date: Immediate

home security system for 3 bed bungalow. are you the property owner: owner of the property is the building: domestic where do require systems to be placed: front entrance (outside), back entrance (ou...

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11 Apr

Security | Gates

Blairgowrie - PH10

Enquiry from: Sandy M

Start Date: Immediate

i am looking for a light weight metal gate maximum size 74cm x 180cm. can you make such a size and what would the price be please. this is required to keep a dog in the kitchen from the living room ...

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How much do Security Specialist services cost?

How much do Security Specialists charge? Prices for Security Specialists in 2024 can fluctuate depending upon the type of work that you require to have carried out in your residence. It's the concern we get asked a great deal "how much do Security Specialists charge?". It's often better to have an idea of how much a Security Specialist are going to likely charge for their services. Rates are going to rise and fall based on the materials as well as the tradesman selected. The table reveals the sorts of job that Security Specialists commonly do and the standard price variety of these projects. Some jobs take longer to finish than others so prices do vary by task.

View our Security Specialist cost guide View our Security Specialist advice

The average price
of a Security Specialist in Scotland is:


Security Specialist job Security Specialist cost in 2024
Cctv in Scotland £563-£863
Home intercoms in Scotland £338-£518
Intruder Alarm in Scotland £231-£351
Security gates in Scotland £3,380-£6,750
Security shutters in Scotland £375-£575
Smoke alarms in Scotland £113-£173

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Security Specialist FAQs

Will my alarm system cause lots of false alarms?

Properly installed and calibrated alarm systems will very rarely trigger a false alarm. If you have pets you will need to use pet-friendly alarm systems. External sensors should be properly calibrated to avoid triggering in the wind or rain. NSI is a recognised standard for all alarm installations, check the NSI flag is displayed on an installers credentials.

How many sensors do I need?

The number of sensors you need will depend on the size of your home. Most alarm systems feature 2-4 passive infrared sensors (PIRs) for motion detection, and 2-4 magnetic contact sensors on doors and windows. An alarm company will advise you of how many your property will need upon an inspecton.

how to install a security gate?

Having a security gate installed on your property brings about a lot of benefits. However, to ensure these benefits are maximized, it’s important to make sure the gates are properly installed. The installation can be made a DIY task or professionally installed. If you wish to install your security gates by yourself, then you’ve come to the right place! In this post, we’re going to take you through the processes involved in the installation of a security gate. Let’s take a look!

  1. Go through the instructions carefully to get the best out of your installation and also a good understanding.
  2. Dig holes for the posts. Don’t make holes round to make sure the posts do not turn or twist.
  3. Get rid of any obstructions like uneven ground, rocks or any other obstacles that may impact the free opening of the gate.
  4. Re-confirm the distance between the two poles to make sure that the gate can hang perfectly between them.
  5. Get an adjustable hinge. Adjustable hinge will allow for extra customization while also enabling improved correction of errors.
  6. Make sure that the measurement taken leaves sufficient space for vehicles such as emergency vehicles and package delivery trucks when opened.
  7. If you have a fence that’ll be connected to the gate, you should install the gate at the back of the fencing pillars. If you later decide to automate the security gate, this will prove to be a smart move as it enables a free and unhindered function.
  8. Make sure you go through the local laws before installation.
How much does a burglar alarm cost?

This is usually the question that comes first when thinking about installing a home security system and reasonably so. However, it can also be very tricky to provide an accurate answer as alarms now features varying shapes and sizes. However one thing to have in mind when it comes to getting a burglar alarm is that it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry. Here, we are going to provide a clear and succinct information to help you get a good idea of how much you’d have to spend to have your house secured.

Let’s Consider the Different Types of Burglar Alarms

• Bells-only alarms

This is the most popular type which features a loud siren that is positioned at the exterior of your building and linked with varying motion sensors in strategic locations. Whenever a motion is detected by the sensors, an ear-splitting sound would be triggered. To get the basic starter kit (2-3 sensors and 1 siren) for a DIY installation, the cost ranges between £130 - £160. However for a more advanced system, the price jumps to £400 - £500.

• Dialler alarm systems

This works with different motion sensors strategically placed across the home. When triggered, it sets off the siren and also rings your mobile device. A system with two sensors and one emergency number costs between £200 - £300.

• Monitored alarm systems

This system is linked to a central call centre who alarms the authorities or private security to a violation of the protected zone. The cost for a monitored alarm system starts within the range of £500 to £600, while the monitoring services can cost within the range of £300 to £400 annually.

Other Possible Costs

• Installation

After purchase, you’ll need to decide whether or not you want your system professionally installed. Generally, the cost of getting a professional installation service costs between £150 to £200.

• Maintenance

Do you think your burglar alarm requires yearly maintenance inspections? Depending on the make and model of the system, the maintenance cost may vary. However, the prices usually starts within a range of £100 to £150.

Are wireless alarm systems reliable?

Modern wireless alarm systems are as reliable as wired systems. Wireless systems can transmit alerts as quickly and reliably as wired systems. They are also suitable for installation in more places as there does not need to be space to hide the wires.

What is the cost of installing a burglar alarm?

The cost differs greatly relying on the size and intricacy of the alarm system. A basic system can include simply one PIR sensor per area to normally cover the space.


An even more robust as well as delicate system you could have vibration sensing units fitted to the windows on the downstairs. You can link outside lighting, safety and security entrances and all type of exterior controls right into the alarm system. A straightforward professional alarm system installer will have the ability to review your demands and suggest the correct method to safeguard your residential property.


Watch out for installing a Do It Yourself alarm these are created to be easy systems as well as easy to set up. They can simply be unplugged and deactivated quickly by any kind of ready crook. They additionally call for batteries to be changed consistently. If the batteries in the sensing units run out this will certainly imply that the system will not be securing your home appropriately.

Are electric gates secure?

There are several advantages that comes with owning an electric gate such as the ability to close your gate with little to no effort. The list goes on, but one of the major reasons of having a gate installed is the security it provides. Several homeowners are not quite sure if electric gate can offer the much-needed security for their property. If you also have the same concern, then you’ve come to the right place! In this post, we aim to provide you with an insight into electric gates and their security so as to help you make the best decision moving forward. Let’s take a look!

First and foremost, if your electric gate is well boarded, they’re able to provide a level of privacy as no one will be able to see through them.  Asides this, the also represent a physical boundary – an extension of the walls or hedges that surrounds your property. With this, no one can simply walk over your drive or have any sort of access to your home or garden without having to take some sort of risk. Anyone who want to come onto your property would already be detected before ring the bell or arrive at your front door. Using audio or video intercoms, you’ll either hear or see who is at your gate and decide who gets to come in and who doesn’t.

What if someone wants to force their way onto your property by ramming your gates with a van, are electric gates strong enough to hinder them? Well, it’s very unlikely that they will as anyone applying force on swing gates that quite far from the hinges has leverage on their side. With a magnetic lock at the opening edges and ground latches, you can reinforce your gate. However, a lot of force from a vehicle with multiple horsepower multiplied greatly by the benefits of the leverage.

How does an intruder alarm system work?

Intruder alarm systems work in various ways and all with one goal in mind - ensuring the safety of both the building and valuables. Whether it’s a small or big home or property, there is a wide range of systems that can be installed to guarantee adequate protection from unwanted visitors. They work with various applications and you get to determine the action to be made in the event whereby the protected zone is violated and system triggered.

Intruder Alarm Systems come in three main types which includes:

• The Bells-Only Intruder Alarm System - Whenever there is a violation, the only action would be to trigger the alarm, nothing more.

• The Communicators - These alarm systems are basically speech dialers which automatically sends a message to various selected number whenever there is an intrusion.

• Monitored Systems - Here, the monitoring centre would be alerted once there is a breach in security.

However, irrespective of the type, most intruder alarm systems operate following a similar series of steps.

lSensing of motion. The systems usually feature door and window sensors which detects any contact of the door/window in the frame when shut. There are also the motion sensors which can be strategically stationed across the property to detect any motion and possible breach of security.

lTriggering of the control panel. The system is interconnected, and all components are linked to a control panel where all detectors’ and sensors’ generated informations are relayed. The alarm countdown is activated in the event whereby a contact is made and circuit impacted.

lSounding of the alarm - Once the alarm countdown has been initiated, failure to insert an abort code will ultimately sound the alarm. The external sounder that comes with the system produces a loud sound to notify people about the security breach or intrusion. There is also an interior sounder which works to bring the presence of an intruder to the awareness of the occupants.

lDeactivating the alarm. With the control panel, users can easily activate/deactivate the alarm system via a fob, code or selected smartphone apps. Click on the link to learn more about intruder alarm systems -

Security Specialist help and advice

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