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Welcome to R&G Building Services Plumbing – fitting designer bathrooms of quality. We specialize in the installation of ba...
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Hi my name is Craig Bedford from Kent,Surrey and Sussex Professional Tiling Services. Specialising in Cermaic, Porcelain, ...
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West London Professional Tiling offers a detailed tiling service across all tiling installations. With fully experienced t...
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I am a time served carpenter & Joiner and been in business as a building contractor since 1984. I've worked on many full h...

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How much do Tiler services cost?

Are you looking to renovate the tired-looking tiles in your bathroom to something more modern or visually appealing or perhaps you just want to renovate the kitchen in the house you just recently purchased? Regardless of the purpose, calling in a tiling professional comes with a lot of benefits. Not only are they able to deliver the best results within a short period, but they’re also available to provide answers to any questions you might have along the process. Before undertaking such a project, one of the things that first comes to mind is the cost of the tiler. So, if you have the same concern, then you’ve come to the right place! In this post, we’re going to take a look at the tiling pricing world to help you make informed decisions moving forward. Let’s take a look!

Just like any other home improvement project, tiling cost is based on a number of variables. These variables include the type of tile job, the type of to be used, the area to be covered, your location and lots more. For instance, fitting a kitchen splashback is a relatively small job when compared to the total renovation of the kitchen which will understandably be a lot more expensive.

In general, installing a kitchen splashback will cost within the range of £140 to about £370. A cloakroom bathroom and tiling a bathroom or shower will cost within the range of £170 to £550 and £150 to £521 respectively depending on the size of the room as well as fixtures. Lastly, an en-suite bathroom and kitchen floor shower will cost within the range of £2200 to £480 and £210 to £950 respectively depending on the size of the space.

View our Tiler cost guide View our Tiler advice

The average price
of a Tiler is:


Tiler job Tiler cost in 2022
Floor tile fitting £375-£575
Floor tiling £1,125-£1,725
Wall tile fitting £375-£575
Wall tiling £525-£805
Kitchen Tiling £525-£805

Tiler service qualifications and accreditations

Tilers qualifications and accreditation's: Getting the appropriate training and studying just how to do your profession is essential for any kind of trade including Tiler s. View the online profile of each Tiler you are looking at to see what qualification they hold as well as what trade associations they are a member of. Some trade associations that Tilers may well be a member of include: . Equally Tilers might also have the following accreditations: Insurance for Tilers: Any individual who works on your house, including Tilers, really should have valid public liability insurance, which protects you the house owner as well as additionally the Tiler should unfortunately anything happen while they are doing the job. Planning permission for Tilers Much of the jobs that a Tiler will certainly provide for you will not require planning permission unless its a listed property. Definitely discuss with the Tiler if planning permission would be needed for the task you are doing, they can advise the actions that need to be taken.

Services offered by Tiler

What services do Tilers generally provide? There are a number of jobs you could certainly select a Tiler for, here are also some of the most usual jobs that tilers are asked to provide:

Tiler FAQs

How much do tilers charge per square metre?

Are you interested in fitting tiles in your home or office? If yes, then you’d probably want to know the total cost of getting the project over the line. And being fully aware every job is unique, having a cost per square metre to work with will give you a more accurate price estimation for the overall project. 

First and foremost, the cost of a tiler depends on a wide range of factors such as the type of floor tiles and the size of the area. The cheapest of them all is the vinyl tiles which can be easily cut through and waterproof when properly sealed. As a result, making them a better fit for bathroom floors. Other kinds of tiles include ceramic tiles, mosaic tiles, quarry tiles and porcelain tiles. Each of the types have their own unique qualities including the quarry tiles’ durability and the afore-mentioned vinyl tiles’ waterproof qualities.

Having in mind that the major part of your tiles cost largely depends on the size of the area and the type of tile selected, you can then go ahead to contact your preferred tiling professional for an installation quote. The average price of bathroom tiles installation ranges about £20 to £25 per square metre. Meanwhile for a kitchen floor tiling project, the cost should range between £20 to £50 per square metre.

Finding a tiling professional you can rely on to complete your project and deliver a top quality job while also offering a very competitive price can be almost impossible. The professional you use greatly determines the price of your tiling effort, so there’s the need to review various professionals before making a decision.

Do Kitchen Fitters do tiling?

Kitchen fitters are often trained carpenters and not all will offer tiling but many will know a tiler that they have worked with in the past. If you are looking to get your kitchen retiled without fitting a new kitchen when it's worth talking to tilers directly to get a range of prices.

It's useful to know in advance what tiles you like, a visit to your local tile store and either pick up a brochure or take some photos. It's probably better not to purchase the tiles at this moment though as often your appointed tiler may be able to get you a better price for the tiles or recommend alternatives. 

How to remove a tile floor?

How To Remove Tile Floor

Removing old tile can be a very tricky process which require lots of skills and experience to get right, the first time. Here, you’ll learn the best approach to removing your old tile by yourself. During the removal process, be sure to incorporate the necessary tools while also protecting yourself by putting on the recommended safety requirements. These includes a floor scraper, paint scraper, dust mask, handheld chisel, safety glasses, drop sheet as well as leather gloves or top quality riggers.

Tile Removal Process

lBreak The First Tile

• Use a hammer to break the first tile (target the centre of the tile with the hammer).

• To protect yourself from the sharp edges of the broken tile, use a drop sheet to cover the surfaces.

lRemove The First Tile

• With a chisel, remove the broken tile that’s still bonded on the floor.

• Position the chisel on the grout line at the tile’s edge to remove the broken but glued tile.

lBreak Up The Remaining Tiles

• Break up several tiles at once and use the floor scrapper to remove it.

• Ensure that the bonding agent used is pliable to make the job a soft work. If the bonding agent is a bit more permanent in nature, then you might want to consider a dynamite to dislodge the flooring.

lRemove The Mortar

• Hit the mortar with a hammer on a 2 to 3 foot square section to remove it from the underlayment.

• Scrape off the mortar’s broken pieces using a floor scraper

• In the event whereby most of the mortar is not removed, your best bet would be to change the underlayment.

• Bonding agent (adhesive) removal is not the easiest of tasks. To make it a bit simpler, you can softening the adhesive with a heat gun before scraping with the help a wide putty knife.

Tile removal is not only a tedious task, but can also be harmful if adequate care is not taken. If you’re inexperienced or not well trained, we’d recommend you hire the services of a professional to avoid making mistakes and incurring extra costs.

how to fit ceramic floor tiles?

Due to the plethora of benefits ceramic floor tiles are able to provide, there’s little surprise they’re a popular flooring choice amongst homeowners. Not only are they durable and good looking, but they’re also resistant to both moisture and stains. Hence, they’re very easy to maintain and with skill, confidence and patience, can also be relatively easy to install especially when compared to wall tiles which is a vertical surface.

If you’re looking to install ceramic floor tiles by yourself, you’ve come to the right place. This is a task any confident and patient DIYer should be able to do with ease. However if you’re not confident enough to pull this off, it’s advisable to get a professional for help. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of fitting ceramic floor tiles.

✓ Prepare the subfloor. This involves making sure the layout is even from side to side on both directions, picking up loose tiles and setting them aside.

✓ Spread a thin set of mortar over a 3x3 foot section at the intersection of the layout lines using a notched trowel.

✓ Start to lay the tiles from the centre point of the two layout lines. Simply set the individual tile into the mortar and tap gently with a rubber mallet. Ensure to use spacers at the corner of each tile to maintain an even grout line between the tiles.

✓ Continue spreading the mortar and complete laying of the tiles

✓ Once all the tiles have been perfectly fitted in the mortar, proceed to mix the grout according to the manufacturer’s instructions and apply it with the use of a rubber grout float.

✓ Wipe clear any excess grout with a grout sponge. Once done, let the grout dry up a bit, then remove the haze that comes up.

How to remove tiles from a wall?

How To Remove Tile From Wall

Have you stumbled on some stylish new tiles you wish to install in your home, be it bathroom, kitchen or living room? Or perhaps you just feel your old tiles have outstayed their welcome and need a to install a more modern and appealing wall tile. The first step before installation of the new tiles will be to remove the old ones which can be done by following these simple steps below:


• To remove wall tiles, you’d have to chip them away and that implies shards of porcelain, ceramic or glass flying around. Hence, your safety should be a top priority.

• Use safety goggles and protective gloves to protect both your eyes and hands.

lCover Up

• With several sharp objects flying everywhere, all objects in the room are far from safe.

• Use a cardboard or old sheet to protect the room and valuable objects from damage.

lAssemble The Tools

• For wall tiles removal, you need just two tools - a hammer and a chisel that’s a bit thin.

• In the event whereby a chisel is not available, you can make use of a flat headed and large screwdriver.

lGet To Work

• Feel for a loose tile to start with and if successful, chip it out with a chisel.

• If you can’t find a loose tile, then break one by sticking the centre of a tile with a chisel and hit it hard with a hammer.

lRemove All Tiles

• Once you’ve been able to chip away or break the first tile, you can easily get access to other tiles.

lClean Up

• Try to get as much dried adhesive off the wall as you can by gently tapping it with the chisel and hammer so as not to damage the wall.

• Once done, put away the cardboard and dust sheet which should have collected much debris.

• Use a brush and dust pan to clean out the loose pieces (if any).

Wall tiles removal can be a very dangerous process which should be left to a professional especially if you lack a proper training or experience. This is not only to prevent anybody being hurt, but also to avoid any possible damages to the wall or any valuable object which can result in additional cost on repair or replacement.

do you tile walls before or after fitting a kitchen?

If you’re thinking about the better option between tiling your walls either before or after fitting a kitchen, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll give a good insight on the best practices to help you plan and also avoid making costly mistakes.

The short and simple answer to this question is - it depends. It depends on structure of your home or property, your kitchen as well as the surface in question, the materials selected and also your unique preferences. This answer is mainly provided because there’s no tile industry standard explaining when a kitchen or cabinet should be fitted. Therefore, there’s a need to check the suitability of any structure and substrate needs by a professional before you determine the type of tile installation as well as when to install the tile.

If you decide to install the wall tiles before fitting the kitchen, here are some benefits you stand to derive:

✓ There will be no finish cuts or sealant application required for the perimeter joints at the finished sides of the cabinets making the installer’s job a lot easier

✓ This also implies extra square footage for the installer, but less detail as well as trim work.

✓ Water leaks from the kitchen won’t be able to cause much damage.

✓ It allows for more flexibility when remodelling in the future.

However, installing the wall tiles after fitting the kitchen also comes with some advantages. Let’s have a look!

✓ This means less in square footage, but more time in both detail as well as trim work.

✓ The risk of damage to the wall tiles by other trades is significantly minimized.

✓ It’ll be easier to change the wall tiles later on without having to remove the kitchen.

can you use kitchen floor tiles on the walls

Some floor tiles are so lovely you just can’t help but wonder if it’s safe to be used on the walls as well. If you’re also thinking along the same line, you’re not alone! Several other home and property owners are busy finding answers to this particular question. Now let’s look at the possibilities.


Generally, any tile designed as a floor tile by the tile manufacturer can also be laid on the wall (vertical surfaces) as well as countertops. Due to the fact that the floors are usually subjected to greater use than the walls in terms of foot traffic, the durability required is also considerably greater. Therefore, a floor tile with Abrasion Resistance values ranging from I - V is suitable for wall installation. However, you should take note that exterior wall applications must be different from its interior counterparts and must only be incorporated on tiles that are frost resistant.


There are two other factors that must be taken into consideration before you install a floor tile on your walls which includes the weight of your tiles per m2 as well as the strength of the surface in which the tile is to be installed. If you don’t want your tiles falling off, the combined weight of the tiles with the adhesive and grout should not be more than the maximum weight required per m2 (20kg to 35kg depending on the wall substrates).


Now that you have an idea of the possibilities of installing floor tiles on walls, it must, however, be said that reverse is the case when it comes to installing walls tiles on the floor. Wall tiles are, generally, not suitable to be laid on the floor as they are mostly non-vitreous ( cannot withstand excessive impact, abrasion or thaw cycling).

How to tile an uneven wall?

How To Tile An Uneven Wall

Do you know it’s almost impossible to find a wall in any home that’s fully flat and vertical? Just like floors, walls also have areas of imperfection or where they’re a bit uneven. When it comes to tiling, these are the problematic areas in which you must work around and identify how to solve to achieve a perfect finish. If not, you may as well just have the tiles sticking out and making room for moisture to creep in affecting the longevity of your project.

There a variety of options to tackle an uneven wall surface and one of the best is plastering. To make sure the surface of your wall is even, a great step would be to plaster it. Plastering of a wall can be a very simple task, however, if you lack proper training or experience, you might want to consider getting a skilled professional to handle the project for you. Making sure the surface of your wall is even is a crucial step in the tile installation process and can be quite tricky on your first trial.

Uneven wall is usually as a result of two major factors - sagging of the wall over time and the wall’s surface is not completely flat. To solve this, you’d have to detach the boards. Then, attach a new board and re-skim the walls to create a new flat and even surface you can work on. For small imperfections and dips, simply use an adhesive cement to fill in the gaps in the plaster. This approach is perfect for holes and ding with a depth that’s not more than half a centimetre. When the cement is totally dry, you can sand it to achieve a flat finish. Happy Tiling!

Tiler help and advice

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Need tiling for living and 3 bedrooms.

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i need to tile some steps into my garden - i already have all the tiles i just need somebody to fix outdoors - but harrogate seem's to be cursed trying to locate anybody - free parking is available

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