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The Stable Block Leathley Lane, Leathley, Otley, LS21 2JT
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Family run, friendly pest control provider. 24/7, fast response times, professional and affordable service.
We can help with Mice, Rats, Fleas, Flies, Moths, Bedbugs, Ants, Squirrels, Moles and Rabbits.
Offering pest control services to Domestic, Commercial and Agricultural/Estate customers.
Covering all of Yorkshire, call our fully trained and insured technicians today. For free advice or to book one of our Award Winning Services. Landguard Ltd are recognised members of BPCA.

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Like any insect #wasps play an integral part of our #ecosystem. However, where wasps present a health risk, control…

29 days ago

@britpestcontrol Thank you ☺️

45 days ago

Really happy to announce that Lucy has passed the industry standard qualification for pest control - Royal Society…

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⛈Come hell or high water, we will be by your side. And where possible we’ll always try and get to you with a same d…

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✋🏻 Now would be a great time to think about rabbit proofing your home, garden or business premises. 🐰Excluding rabb…

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🤔 Ever wandered how a wasp nest starts? ✍🏼 Read our latest blog to find out... #wasps #pestcontrol #waspnest…

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66 days ago

Spring has sprung and you may not be the only one who is enjoying the better weather! 🐜 These Black Garden Ants we…

78 days ago

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84 days ago

🐓If you keep poultry 🐦feed the wild birds or 🌱have a compost heap you’ll attract rats to your property 365 days per…

86 days ago

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86 days ago

🦷 Rats teeth and jaws are one of the species highly evolved tools. 💪🏻On the Mohs scale their teeth are ranked 5.5 p…

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91 days ago

Just posted a photo @ Pool-In-Wharfedale, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

93 days ago

They’re back! If you wanna be ahead of the game with your fly control this year please give us a call ☎️ #fly…

94 days ago

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98 days ago

🐀One of the most common causes of an exterior infestation are composters. 👀And if you take a look inside this bin y…

100 days ago

Just posted a photo @ Pool-In-Wharfedale, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

100 days ago

🏡 Once grey squirrels have managed to get into a property they’ll often continue to work hard to open up new entry/…

102 days ago

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102 days ago
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Pest Control offers Pest Control services. They are based in Otley and cover a number of areas across the UK.

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