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Our aim is to provide high quality gardening services at affordable prices. Our services include grass cutting, hedge cutting, weed control, fencing and much more.
We are based in Bungay Suffolk and serve Waveney areas, Norfolk and Suffolk.
Grounds & Gardens "All your garden needs"

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Garden Maintenance
Wooden Decking
Pest Control

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Expired on: 04/05/2020

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By - James E, IP22 21st March 2020

Garden | Maintenance & Upkeep in Diss

Pre work:
Unfortunately they could not work within our budget and we could not come to an agreement to make a firm contract.

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WB Grounds & Gardens offers Gardening & Landscaping services. They are based in Bungay and cover a number of areas across the UK.

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WB Grounds & Gardens Reviews

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Garden | Maintenance & Upkeep in Diss

By James E, IP22
21st March 2020

Unfortunately they could not work within our budget and we could not come to an agreement to make a firm contract.