Tree surgery

Do you have a tree that’s become too big for its boots? Whether it’s in a back garden or on commercial property, trees can become a nuisance and need trimming down for safety or aesthetic reasons.

This is where professional tree surgeons come in. They’ll visit you, evaluate the situation and take action. This could be trimming down the branches or even removing part of the upper trunk.

Tree surgeons can offer a range of services and aren’t simply available for cutting down a tree. They can also offer solid advice on the right treatment and maintenance for trees in your garden at different times of the year too.

Why will I need a tree surgeon?

For managing trees, one of your first thoughts will be whether you can carry out the task yourself. A simple pruning can probably be conducted by most homeowners, but to get a great result without spoiling the tree will often require the services of an expert.

By taking matters into your own hands, there’ll be a large amount of waste left over to dispose of. Numerous trips to the tip after packing the debris into black bin liners will be necessary.

With a professional service though, the clean-up is all covered in the price. There is also the opportunity to have the trimmings converted into woodchip to use in the garden as well.

One of the more common reasons for requiring a tree surgeon is to benefit from more light in the garden. Professionals will often point out that even after reduction the tree will still cast a shadow and instead may remove lower branches to allow more light under the canopy of the tree.

You could also require the services of an expert because of damage to a building. Tree roots and branches can cause a serious problem to both residential and commercial properties and need to be properly maintained.

Tree surgeon quotes

If you’re in need of the services from a tree surgeon, comparing quotes is the best way to ensure you get the right price for the work you want completed. Experts can analyse the situation and provide the best outcome too.

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Tree surgery companies

Local Tree surgery Projects

Project: Two trees that need to be completely removed from Backyard Enquirer went online and confirmed on 2012-08-08 10:58:07 Please contact to assist VC
Project: Removal of considerable number of overhanging branches which are interfering with TV reception contact to quote VC
Project: Fern trees in the back garden need trimming at the top and at the sides and also some other large trees just need trimming i also have a magnolia tree that needs to be trimmed VC
Project: We are preparing a planning applciation for a new build house in a plot adjacent to Silveglades, Monktonhill Road, Troon. The intended driveway to the new house winds it way between mature trees. The ...
Project: Remove a number (approx 11) mature trees - mostly pine - from the south aspect of the site prior to building. Wood will be required for use in either a wood-burning stove, or in an open fire. v/c
Project: Tall Conifer tree boundary needs lopping of top (maybe 2metres) and removal of overhanging branches please contact to quote.
Project: Home Owner Leylandii hedge to be cut back Holly bush to be cut back Euonymus bush to be cut back Two apple trees to be pruned call to appoint
Project: Adjust the height of 5 trees by cutting 2.5 metres from top. Enquirer went online and confirmed Homeowner Please contact to appoint
Project: Homeowner Conifers need cutting at the back of the garden Please call to appoint Immediate
Project: home/garden owner He would like 2 large trees removed from his garden please call to arrange an appointment to give the customer a quote wants the work done as soon as possible
Project: please quote for removal of 2 large branches and top a very big crack willow tree that is 50yrs old and remove all debris from garden Homeowner Please contact to appoint
Project: remove overhang from tree over barn Homeowner Replacement Gas boiler Supplied and fitted Please contact to appoint
Project: Removal of Eucalyptus tree about 20-30 feet high. Limited space around for ladders, limited access through side entrance 6ft x 2ft. Branches to be cut to logs for firewood up to about 4ins diam the la...
Project: Trim conifers from circa 20 foot to 8 foot circa 24 foot in length Homeowner Please contact to appoint
Project: cut down high conifer and remove stump (most branches already removed) and prune lilac tree and remove all debris. Homeowner Please contact to appoint
Project: Conifers - some need removing and others just need shortening. Homeowner Please contact to appoint
Project: 3 laylandii about 4 to 6 meters talks, looking at having them cut down to 2m Time scale: 1-3 months
Project: Approx 25-30ft sycamore tree requires felling for barn conversion. Can be removed from site or chopped into fire logs and left piled where felled, whichever cheaper. Homeowner Please contact to ap...
Project: oak tree to significantly to be reduced in overall size or even considered been removed] Homeowner Please contact to appoint

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Tree surgery activity in March 2018

Tree surgery Projects in the UK in March 2018

February 2018 January / February
South East 1,035 -2%
Greater London 750 0%
North West 460 -10%
South West 451 -13%
East Of England 400 8%
Western Midlands 381 15%
Yorkshire & Humber 370 37%
Scotland 363 42%
East Midlands 353 9%
Wales 260 14%
Northern Ireland 108 66%
North East 70 250%
United Kingdom 5,001 6%

Source: Numbers calculated based on the search volumes in major search engines.

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