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Do you have a tree that’s become too big for its boots? Whether it’s in a back garden or on commercial property, trees can become a nuisance and need trimming down for safety or aesthetic reasons.

This is where professional tree surgeons come in. They’ll visit you, evaluate the situation and take action. This could be trimming down the branches or even removing part of the upper trunk.

Tree surgeons can offer a range of services and aren’t simply available for cutting down a tree. They can also offer solid advice on the right treatment and maintenance for trees in your garden at different times of the year too.

Why will I need a tree surgeon?

For managing trees, one of your first thoughts will be whether you can carry out the task yourself. A simple pruning can probably be conducted by most homeowners, but to get a great result without spoiling the tree will often require the services of an expert.

By taking matters into your own hands, there’ll be a large amount of waste left over to dispose of. Numerous trips to the tip after packing the debris into black bin liners will be necessary.

With a professional service though, the clean-up is all covered in the price. There is also the opportunity to have the trimmings converted into woodchip to use in the garden as well.

One of the more common reasons for requiring a tree surgeon is to benefit from more light in the garden. Professionals will often point out that even after reduction the tree will still cast a shadow and instead may remove lower branches to allow more light under the canopy of the tree.

You could also require the services of an expert because of damage to a building. Tree roots and branches can cause a serious problem to both residential and commercial properties and need to be properly maintained.

Tree surgeon quotes

If you’re in need of the services from a tree surgeon, comparing quotes is the best way to ensure you get the right price for the work you want completed. Experts can analyse the situation and provide the best outcome too.

Complete our FREE online form to receive up to four tree surgeon quotes from vetted and reputable professionals in your area.

Average Tree surgery cost

The common cost of Tree surgery is £500. Costs vary based on the materials and the provider picked. The upper price range can be as high as £575. The material costs are typically around £125

Average price per Tree surgery job in 2022

Avg. price low

Avg. price low

Avg. price

Avg. price

Avg. price high

Avg. price high






Prices based on actual Tree surgery costs for your area, as reported by local Quotatis members.

Tree surgery installation cost in your area 2022

Labour cost £350
Material cost £125
Waste removal £25
Time frame: 1-2 days

Advantages for Tree surgery

  • You decrease the risk of hazards through making the tree healthier
  • tree will be more manageable for future pruning
  • Potential early detection of a disease
  • Preserve the longevity of the tree
  • Remove trees safely that are no longer wanted

Disadvantages for Tree surgery

  • More costly than doing it yourself

Tree surgery Manufacturers

Tree surgery FAQs

How to remove a conifer tree?

Have you being considering the options available to you for removing the conifers around your home? Or perhaps you’re just planning to raise some structures in an area where you have lots of conifer trees. Regardless of your reason for wanting to remove a conifer tree, you’ve come to the right place!

There are multiple options to remove a conifer tree based on the one that best suits your needs. Some individuals are okay with felling the tree and leaving the stumps behind, while others don’t just want both the tree and the stumps so they poison the tree and subject the stumps to a quick rotting process.

lThe Physical Method

This basically involves felling the trees with the help of powerful machines and other tools. Let’s take a look!

• Early preparation. Get your chainsaw ready alongside your pruning tools as well as other equipments that can prove to be useful.

• Determine the direction you want the tree to fall. You must ensure there’s no passerby risk or risk of damage to any property whatsoever.

• Cut down the trunk. Put your chainsaw to use. First cut doen the branches and twigs before felling the tree.

• Choose your cutting technique depending on the tree’s size, slope and chainsaw available.

• Check for possible infestation before removing the conifer tree.

• Remove the conifer stumps by grinding the stumps out (use a grinder) and setting fire to consume the stumps.

lThe Chemical Method

To carry out this process, you need to first cut down the large tree branches using a chainsaw. Once done, cut off a portion around the circumference of the trunk below the lower branches, close to the root. Leave the bark’s strips connected to the conifer tree to expose the inner tissue.

Mix the chemicals and apply into the conifer tree directly until the whole surface is covered. This will make the conifer tree to die off gradually for a couple of weeks.

How much does it cost to remove a large tree?

Do you have a large tree on your property and wondering how much it would cost to have it totally removed? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. Generally, the average cost of a tree removal can widely range due to a number of reasons which includes the size, heigh, diameter, location in the garden as well as the type of the tree. And as you would have expected, the larger your tree is the more you’re definitely going to pay to have it completely removed. While being large, another important factor that influences the price is the ease of access. This means that the more difficult it is to get to the tree the more strenuous and longer it’ll take to be felled, hence the more the price that’s likely to be charged when compared to a similar-sized tree which is more accessible.

Generally for a day’s work, a tree surgeon will charge within the range of £150 to £200, and will usually work with one or two general labourer. As a result, you can expect to pay about £300 to £500 in a day as cost of labour if there happens to be up to three labourers.

In short, to cut down a large tree of about 50 feet to 75 feet, this will usually take about one to two days and cost within the range of £650 to £1,200. Meanwhile an extra large tree which is beyond 75 feet will take about 2 to 5 days to cut down and cost within the range of £1,000 to £2,500. However, you should have it in mind that the price that will be charged will be based on a number of factors like the overhang, tree type, access, disposal, closeness to public footpath or road and more.

Can I remove a tree on my property?

The decision to purchase a property may not come with trees as an influencing factor. However, when the trees start to get overgrown or appears sick you will have to consider the regulatory status which may affect your ability to prune, fell or remove them.

First and foremost, the owner of the tree must be determined and this is the individual who owns the land on which the tree was originally planted. However, if you’re not the owner but the tree overhangs your land you’re allowed to cut the branches back up to the boundary, if the tree is unprotected. In such cases, you normally do not need to seek the consent of the original tree owner or neighbouring land owner to perform the works to the tree. But the branches and fruits on them ( if any) still remains that of the land owner and they’re to be returned to them if necessary.

In situations whereby you’re the owner of the tree, you’re required to determine whether or not your tree is protected by a Tree Protection Order ( TPO) before any action can be taken. The main goal of a Tree Protection Order is to provide protection to trees which are considered to deliver amenity values to the general public. In other words, if your tree can be viewed by the public and enjoyed from outside your garden’s confines then there’s a high possibility that it’s subjected to a TPO.

To confirm whether or not your tree is subjected to a TPO, you can check with your local planning authority (LPA). However, there are some local council websites that displays all TPOs registered within their jurisdiction.

How much does a tree surgeon cost?

How Much Does A Tree Surgeon Cost?

When there’s an unhealthy or over grown tree in your otherwise beautiful garden, not only does it affect the garden’s entire visual appeal, but also constitutes some health hazards to all those staying close by or visitors. To resolve this issue, it’s crucial to get in touch with a local tree surgeon as soon as possible. However for most people, before picking up the phone to dial the number, they’ll often want to know just much it would cost to hire the services of a tree surgeon. Good news is, be it a regular maintenance task of lopping and pruning the tree or perhaps you want it totally removed, it may not cost as much as you would think. So exactly how much does a tree surgeon charge?

There are several factors that affects the price a tree surgeon would charge for a job. These factors include the size of your tree, the tree’s accessibility (is the tree easy or hard to reach?), the location of the tree, the type of the job required, the type of the tree as well as the tree count, the job length (the time it’ll takes to complete the job), tree health and diseases as well as the removal and disposal of a tree’s remains. Considering all the above factors, it’s normal to think the cost of hiring a tree surgeon is a lot more expensive than you would have first imagined. However, they’re usually a lot less and competitive.

Generally, you can expect local tree surgeons to charge within a range of £500 to £650 on the average for a day’s work. But you should note there are smaller companies that only accept easier jobs. Overall, a team comprising one to two workers will cost between the range of £400 to £550 a day, based on your location.

Should I be carrying out preventative tree surgery?

Even if your trees are not obviously damaged or diseased, tree surgeons can carry out surveys to determine if there is any work that needs to be carried out. This work could range from removing dead branches, pruning to promote growth, or even crown works which could open up more light into your property by altering the height and size of nearby trees.

Can a tree close to a building be felled?

Many tree surgeons offer a specialist service for trees that cannot be easily felled via a simple cut. Sectional dismantling is used which involves making several cuts to slice the tree into small sections which can be brought back to the ground safely. Using this method will allow tree surgeons to fell trees that pose risks to nearby buildings in a safe manner.

Can removing a tree cause foundation problems?

One of the most common problems in houses and buildings especially in recent times are structural deficiencies. There are two types of foundation owners as identified by foundation experts and structural engineer. These includes those with foundation problems as well as those who will. With the great increase in the number of field foundations as well as the continued ageing of already existing field foundations, the number of foundation deficiencies in the future is also likely to increase.

Foundation problems are caused by a wide array of reasons which can vary significantly from one place to the other. One of the greatest causes is soil diversity whereby soils in the vicinity may be of a single type, however there are soil types across the area may include clay, sandy loam, sand, rock or even a blend of these materials. While this can result in a big local plant palette which is to the delight of plant enthusiasts, it may not be that great for foundations. Consequently, the diversity in soil types and conditions makes it impossible to give a precise answer to a foundation problem anywhere.

Generally, when a tree grows very close to a foundation you’ll require the advise of a professional arborist consultant. The goal of an arborist consultant is to educate the home or property owner how trees can affect foundations. Therefore, the simple answer to the question whether removing a tree can cause foundation problems is yes. By checking all the related issues, foundation experts, arborist and others can determine whether or not removing a particular tree can cause foundation problems. As a result, before the removal of any tree you must ensure you hire the services of a seasoned tree surgeon who would know his way around without really affecting your foundation.

What happens to the felled trees?

Tree surgeons will be able to remove any logs or wood chippings produced by the work carried out from your garden. They will then dispose of these in an environmentally friendly manner. Generally the companies will cut and dry the wood and then sell it on to the local community.

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