Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating has become more popular in UK households because the technology is now cheaper and people are starting to realise the benefits this form of heating presents.

It’s not difficult to have installed, whilst being perfect for those renovating a room or completing a new build.

As you would expect, the system is built under the floor and allows heat to naturally rise in the room.

There are two types of underfloor heating; wet and dry systems. Both can be used in combination with any floor and property and the only thing that could change are the heating requirements.

Underfloor heating can even be installed into oddly shaped rooms, and experts will be able to advise you on everything to provide you with the perfect heating system.

  • Wet underfloor heating

Wet underfloor heating systems allow you to heat water up to temperatures of 65°C. Hooped pipes are installed under the flooring and water is pumped through at a low pressure.

This water is supplied by your central heating system, whilst thermostats and manifolds control water temperature and flow rate. With underfloor heating, condensing boilers are often the most energy efficient.

Thermostats are installed into every room to ensure you can carefully select your home’s temperature at all times.

  • Dry underfloor heating

Electric underfloor heating involves cables being fitted one or two inches below the floor surface. It’s possible to install in any property or floor type, but installation is made easier if combined with a new build or renovation.

Any flooring material is also possible with this form of heating, including vinyl, tile, wooden and laminate.

And as the technology has advanced it has become more efficient and also cheaper to install. Ribbon cables and heating mats provide much greater energy efficiency. Whilst water is heated to a lower temperature than wet systems, it’s still sufficient for your home.

Underfloor heating quotes

If you’re thinking of a way to heat your home more efficiently whilst keeping the maintenance and installation costs down, underfloor heating systems could be your answer.

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Underfloor heating companies

Local Underfloor heating Projects

Project: Spoke to Mr the Home-Owner Can be contacted on home no. after 7pm or on mobile anytime under floor heating
Project: I require a quote for an underfloor heating system to be fitted to a conservatory I am about to construct. External dimensions are 6.4 x 4m with cavity dwarf walls for the greater part of the design....
Project: SUNBLINDS: Yes BROCHURE1: Tiled Floor BROCHURE2: UnderFloor Heating CANEFURNITURE: No CONSERVATORY: Conservatory been installed for sometime ROOMS: Yes
Project: under floor heating in kitchen spoke to ms homeowner call anytime keen for work to be done asap
Project: extension and alteration to existing bungalow which when finished shall measure approximately 140sqmts (72sqmts exists and 68sqmts new extenson). No existing central heating system in house at present...
Project: Lead wood rolled flat roofing 1000mm x 5100mm long 150mm lead upstand 5100mm long 250mm lead clad fascia 7100mm long lvnc
Project: spoke to mr homeowner under floor heating for a cottage and radiators timescale, 3-6 months please call evenings to make appointment
Project: SUNBLINDS: No BROCHURE: Timber Flooring BROCHURE2: UnderFloor Heating CANEFURNITURE: Yes CONSERVATORY: Conservatory on order ROOMS: No nc
Project: SUNBLINDS: Yes BROCHURE1: Tiled Floor BROCHURE2: UnderFloor Heating CANEFURNITURE: No CONSERVATORY: Conservatory been installed for sometime ROOMS: Yes COMMENTS: bathroom, kitchen, stairs nad all arou...
Project: BROCHURE1: Tiled Floor BROCHURE2: UnderFloor Heating KITCHEN: Expect to order within 3 - 6 months KITCHENB: No LVNMC, NC
Project: Our conservatory will be installed within 4-6 weeks and am interested in underfloor heating when it is ready lvnc
Project: Spoke to Mr Exchanging on a property 21st April with completion in next 2 weeks Looking for quote and assistance with a new bathroom. Mr will supply his own suite. please contact to arrang...
Project: Spoke to mr. Homeowner. Customer wants quotes for under floor heating. Floor also needs screeding. Work to commence in the next month. Please contact anytime.
Project: Spoke to Mr Home Owner Looking for a quote for the parkay floor in my lounge and hall taken up so underfloor heating can be installed. i then need the floor put back down to the original desig...
Project: Divide downstairs kitchen to create a new bathroom, including putting in new floor with underfloor heating in kitchen and bathroom spoke to mr homeowner call anytime - if unavailable leave a mes...
Project: SUNBLINDS: Yes BROCHURE: Timber Flooring BROCHURE2: UnderFloor Heating CANEFURNITURE: No CONSERVATORY: Conservatory on order ROOMS: No COMMENTS: Want OAK flooring / under floor heating in a South Fac...
Project: require onsite survay to assess which underfloor heating is appropriate. to be fitted to ground floor, cement floor. Current floor plan dimensions are room size 12ftx25ft, leading out to hallway3ftx...
Project: SUNBLINDS: Yes BROCHURE: Timber Flooring BROCHURE1: Tiled Floor BROCHURE2: UnderFloor Heating CANEFURNITURE: Yes CONSERVATORY: Conservatory on order ROOMS: No
Project: Dear Sirs, Please can you arrange to come and quote us for our en suite bathroom. A plumber dropped the towel radiator and broke a floor tile. Unfortunately, we have electric matting underfloor ...
Project: spoke to mrs the homeowner wants a quote for under floor heating in the summer house contact anytime

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Underfloor heating activity in March 2018

Underfloor heating Projects in the UK in March 2018

February 2018 January / February
Greater London 8,400 24%
South East 4,850 12%
Yorkshire & Humber 2,740 29%
North West 2,730 11%
South West 2,361 29%
Western Midlands 2,177 54%
East Of England 2,110 13%
Scotland 2,009 23%
East Midlands 1,945 26%
Wales 1,188 37%
Northern Ireland 344 -11%
North East 180 -25%
United Kingdom 31,034 22%

Source: Numbers calculated based on the search volumes in major search engines.

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