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Single Double Glazed Window in Wingate

When replacing your house's windows you don't always have to complete the whole home. On occasions you may just require to have a single window replaced, possibly because of a damaged pane or for updating to double glazing.


It's common for many people to change simply one double glazed window. One reason that individuals wish to replace one window is that the covered unit inside has fallen short. You'll recognize if this has happened since you'll be able to see condensation on the within glass, which obtains aggravating since you can't wipe it away. In this case, you can choose to simply change the covered system or the whole framework, which you could wish to do if it's looking past its best.


When you're replacing just one double glazed window, if you understand the brand name of your existing windows you might ask your installer if they can source the very same ones. This will help to keep them looking as similar as possible, although if your existing windows are very old you might notice some discolouration on the outside compared to the new one, and also locks and drip vents could look various.


Replacing just one double glazed window should not take a certified window fitter long, and also can cost just ₤ 300. It's worth keeping in mind that all substitute windows need to be accredited that they've been put in to fulfill building guidelines, so you'll need to apply to your local building control officer who will come and also check the job after that provide a certification. If you ask an installer that is registered with a self-certification scheme (like FENSA, CERTAS) to fit the window for you, they can issue the certificate themselves when they  have actually ended up the work.

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Average uPVC Single Window cost in Wingate

The typical cost of uPVC single window is around £300. Costs fluctuate based on the materials and the organisation used. The upper price range can be as high as £400. The material costs are in most cases around £110

Average price per uPVC Single Window job in 2022

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Prices based on actual uPVC Single Window costs for Wingate, as reported by local Quotatis members.

uPVC Single Window installation cost in Wingate 2022

Labour cost £180
Material cost £110
Waste removal £10
Time frame: 1-2 days

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Wingate is a village in County Durham, England. Wingate is a former pit village with a blend of 19th-century, post-war, as well as extra current housing developments. It was initially lived in by around 30 farmers prior to 1839 when coal was discovered. It lies in the East of County Durham, 3 miles south west of Peterlee, as well as 7 miles north west of Hartlepool. Just like the majority of villages in the area, it proliferated with the growth of coal-mining in the region. The name Wingate is said to derive from the Anglo-Saxon words windig (gusty) and geat (roadway) definition gusty road. Like all County Durham villages, citizens are understood to speak the pitmatic dialect although brand-new housing developments has seen a sharp rise in the village's population. An electoral ward in the exact same name exists. This ward extends north eastern to Peterlee and has a total population, taken at the 2011 census, of 10,302.

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Will a new double glazed window look different to existing ones?

It depends on a few factors whether a new double glazed window will look different to existing ones. If your existing windows are very old, perhaps 10 years or more, then it’s likely that there will be some small differences.

The first thing to remember is that your double glazing is exposed to the elements as soon as it’s installed. So over time, unless you’re very good at cleaning and maintaining your windows, they’re likely to look a bit dirty. Window frames that are south-facing may also become slightly discoloured from the sun, so if you install a new window right next to it you might notice a difference.

Also, there have been lots of technical advances in windows over the years. If your existing windows are significantly older, you might notice a difference in the handles on openers, and if your existing windows were installed before 2010 they might not have trickle vents, which is an extra strip on the inside of your window to keep air flowing through your home. While it’s not a legal requirement for replacement windows to have trickle vents if the original one didn’t, it’s a good idea to have them installed as they help prevent condensation and mould.

The only truly noticeably different elements to a new double glazed window compared with existing ones are likely to be on the inside, which might not be a problem for you if you only have one window in a room. However, if you know the brand of your existing windows, you can ask your window installer if they can source the same ones. Even if they’ve been updated slightly, the difference should be minimal.

How long does it take to install one small double glazed window?

To install one small double glazed window, it will take anywhere between two hours and half a day. It will depend on whether one installer is fitting your window or two. And if you’re doing it yourself and don’t have any professional experience, it will take even longer.

When the window fitters arrive, they will make sure they’ve got safe access to the window and move any heavy furniture if they need to. Any good installer will lay down a dust sheet, but it’s a good idea to check that they’ve got one laid down before they start.

The first step any window installer will take is to double check the measurements of the new frame against your existing one. Hopefully it should match up, so then they’ll take the old window out. Then, they’ll insert the new frame into the aperture and bolt it into the concrete. They'll check it with a spirit level to ensure it’s even before moving onto the glass sealed unit.

The installer will place the glass into the aperture, then fit the beads to secure the glass in the frame. They’ll then use silicone and trim on the inside and outside to ensure the window looks perfect. You won’t be able to see where they’ve used sealants or trims because they’ll colour match them so it’s not noticeable. Then, they’ll tidy up all of their tools and the working area and let you know what needs to be done in terms of proving that the window meets building regulations. Most good installers are registered with a self-certification scheme, so will be able to issue a certification once the work is complete.

Where can I get one double glazed window?

Most window installers will be able to provide you with one double glazed window and fit it for you. If you’re replacing one double glazed window in your home, ask them to try and source the same windows that you already have or find one that’s very similar. Externally, you probably won’t be able to notice the difference, but if your existing windows are very old there may be some exterior discolouration and the locks and handles might look slightly different.

If you want one double glazed window so you can fit it yourself, there are lots of online companies that can supply you with one window. However, window fitting is a skilled trade and you might want to consider whether you have the right tools and experience to fit it yourself. Of course, you’ll save money on installation costs, but if something goes wrong, you might end up shelling out to get it fixed anyway.

The other thing to consider is that any replacement windows need to be certified that they meet Building Regulations. If you fit the double glazed window yourself, you’ll need to apply to your local council building control officer to get a certificate that confirms that you fitted the window within the regulations. You’ll have to pay a fee for this, and it will be even more expensive if Building Control say that the window hasn’t been fitted within the regulations and you have to start again.

The alternative is to ask a reputable window installer that is registered with a self-certification scheme, like FENSA, to install the window. That means that they can self-certify that the window meets building regulations once they’ve finished the installation.

Can I fix glass on one side of a double glazed window?

Unfortunately, you can’t fix the glass on one side of a double glazed window. That’s because they’re sealed units – once one pane of glass is broken, that will break the seal and its thermal insulation properties will be lost.

The good news is that if your window frame is still looking great, there’s no need to replace that. You can simply replace the glass in the window, which will cost much less. You can look to spend around £250 on a sealed unit, whereas a whole replacement single window may cost up to £600.

When an installer comes to replace the glass in your double glazed window, they will survey the inside and outside of your home around the window, then move any furniture by the window so they’ve got access. They should then pop a dust sheet down to stop any debris from getting on your floor.

Then, the installer will carefully remove the beads from the frame. They will then lift the glass out of the frame and put it somewhere safe before cleaning out all of the dust and any debris that has found its way into the frame. Using spacers at the bottom of the frame, the installer will make sure that the sealed unit is square in the frame to get a good fit. Once they’re happy, they will replace the beading and make sure it looks perfect before cleaning up their tools.

You could have a go at replacing the glass on a double glazed window yourself, but it’s not recommended. Leave it to the professionals who will know exactly what to do and will be able to do it quickly and safely.

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