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Are you seeking Wall rendering in Lancashire? Our network of installers can aid with your task. All of our Builder in Lancashire are examined so you can see local reviews, when business was started, ratings, satisfaction and cost,  permitting you to make the appropriate decision on who to work with. Allow us take the inconvenience out of locating up to 4 experts for your Wall rendering task.

Wall Rendering look appealing and make a building look its ideal.


To make certain the ongoing protection of these wall surfaces, rendering is frequently called for and it's fantastic at protecting against weather damages to the brickwork. Without making, walls may only last between five and 10 years before they start to compromise.

With wall rendering, not just do you make sure a structure's toughness, yet the walls will be much more appealing as well and also less complicated to paint. Certainly, you'll have further security against natural elements as well.

And also in today's world you do not need to wait up until the summertime to have wall surface rendering performed. New technologies mean that the drying out procedure is currently much quicker.

  • Improved water resistance
  • Ease of application
  • Shades and also styles
  • Cheaper price


Making your wall surfaces has actually never been more affordable and also expert interest won't spend a lot. With boosted life span, the less expensive prices make rendering even more cost effective.


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Average Wall rendering cost in Lancashire

The regular cost of Wall rendering is £5000. Costs vary based on the materials and the company chosen. The upper price range can be as high as £5750. The material costs are normally about £1250

Average price per Wall rendering job in 2022

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Avg. price low

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Prices based on actual Wall rendering costs for Lancashire, as reported by local Quotatis members.

Wall rendering installation cost in Lancashire 2022

Labour cost £3,500
Material cost £1,250
Waste removal £250
Time frame: 1-4 days

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The county of Lancashire, found in the north west of England, carries a population of practically 1.5 million, being the 8th most populated region in Britain. The large areas of Blackburn and Blackpool no longer form part of the Lancashire County after becoming unitary authorities. The cities of Liverpool and Manchester were also detached in 1974. The county districts now include Burnley, Lancaster, Preston, the Ribble Valley, Rossendale, Wyre, Pendle and Hyndburn. Regardless of the substantial population, Lancashire contains a fairly low density compared to other counties and regions, with only 1,121 residents per square mile. Transform your Lancashire property by making use of vetted and respectable professionals locally.

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Spraytex Exteriors

2 review(s)
Based: in Pudsey, LS28 5UJ

Exterior rendering and wall coating specialists. We carry out all exterior rendering and exterior wall coating works for the outside of your property. All our work comes with a 15 year insurance backed guarantee which a lot of builders cannot offer. ...

Latest review

J., LS23
16th August 2016

Building work | Wall Rendering in Wetherby

No problem at present waiting for sale to go through then will decide.


7 review(s)
Based: in Ramsbottom, BL0 9BJ

Latest review

Graham G., DY12
16th September 2017

Building work | Wall Rendering in Bewdley

Decided not to go this route, to expensive.

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Leyland - PR25

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Building work | Wall Rendering

Ormskirk - L40

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can you render a house in winter?

Aside from the cold weather not being the most pleasant condition to work in, the winter weather can also cause a lot of problems for construction workers and even more so when you’re working with render. Poor weather conditions can generally cause a lot of harms on the final finish of a render. Below are some of the reasons why you should not consider rendering in a bad weather.

✓ Lime bloom. Render can be impacted by lime bloom as they are subjected to damp conditions and low temperatures while curing. This is due to the fact that cement are intolerant to slower drying conditions especially immediately affect its application.

✓ Top coats can be compromised. Coating are likely to get washed off before they’re even afforded the chance to set if drying conditions are low.

However, because its cold out there doesn’t necessarily imply that work must stop. It’s very possible to render during the winter months but to avoid potential pitfalls, we’ve got some tip that can be of great help. Let’s have a look!

✓ Check the weather forecast. Determine the drying and curing time and watch the forecast for the temperature dropping at night.

✓ Select the most suitable render. There are renders that are suitable for application in low temperatures to about 5℃ or even as low as 1℃. These types of render are fast setting which makes them perfect for the cold condition.

✓ Watch out for frost. Frost and render are enemies. Therefore, it won’t be wise to work with frosted materials, on frosted subtrates or apply below the recommended temperature that’s written on the product’s datasheet.

✓ Protect the finish. Make use of artificial enclosures around the scaffolding to battle adverse weather conditions.

how to repair rendering on wall?

Did you try rendering a wall but it doesn’t turn out the way you would have hoped for? Or perhaps you’ve been watching your wall render gradually deteriorate over time. Regard of your purpose, learning how to repair render cracks on wall is usually a great skill to have with your home maintenance in mind. However, whenever these crack are too large or difficult, we’d recommend you call in a reliable professional who can guarantee the best results for help. In this guide, we’re going to take you through the wall render repairing process. Let’s have a look!

No matter how solid a building material is, over time it’ll yield to the elements. When it comes to wall rendering it may be a case of too much sunshine or a costly mistake in the application process, but in truth, it cracks just because it cracks.

In order to repair render cracks, you’d have to start with a removal of damaged or cracked render. You’ll have to remove all the render or just a small section depending on the area you’re working on. If you’re able to clean all of the existing render as well as the paint over it all (both old and new), then removing a small section would work better as it makes it look neat and redone. Upon the removal of the existing render, the next important step would be to remove all loose material as well. Once done, you can then leave for up to 2 days to allow any trapped moisture to come out. Unfortunately, if the rains you’d have to wait till that dries too before you proceed.

Once dried, you can buy a pre-prepared render mix which already contains cement, lime and sand. Mix a 20kg bag with 4 litres of water (or check the product instructions and follow strictly), the mix to a fine consistency. Render is quick to dry, so you’d want to apply within 30 minutes of mixing. Make use of a trowel to apply the render on the affected spots and blend with the surrounding area.

how to render a wall?

Wall rendering is basically a process which involves the application of sand, cement or polymer covering to a home’s exterior in such a way that enhances its look while also offering an improved stability. The process is a perfect solution for several exterior concerns mainly due to the support its able to provide. It’s highly beneficial for older homes whose walls may suffer from poor quality because of wear over time, while it’s also greatly advantageous for newer homes as it increases their stability while also enhancing their visual appeal.

Knowing how to apply render is a great skill to have with your home’s upkeep in mind. The project can be done quite easily by any competent and confident DIYer. However if you lack any of those attributes, then we’d recommend you get in touch with a reliable professional for help. In this article, we’ll take you through the wall rendering process.

✓ Prepare the walls. This involves examining the wall, repairing any structural defects as well as stabilizing any movements to prevent the render finish from failing.

✓ External details. This includes the removal of bargeboards, rainwater, soil pipes, alarm boxes and all other external details.

✓ Insulation. In the event whereby external wall insulation is to be fitted, this is the stage to do so.

✓ Developing a foundation for the render to fix to. Apply a render mesh over the insulation, bedded into the first base coat layer of render.

✓ Building up the render.

✓ Render finishes. There are a wide range of colour options as well as various finishes available from very smooth to textured. However, you should note that thin coat render systems are usually designed to be self coloured.

✓ Final finishes. This involves the re-application of the external rainwater, soil pipes and the other external details.

do i need planning permission to render my house?

If you’re considering rendering your house or property, then you’d most likely want to know whether or not applying for a planning permission will be needed. In several cases, planning permission will not be required for the maintenance, repair as well as replacement of the existing render on your building. These activities are covered by what’s called “Permitted Development Rights, which allows you to carry out some activities without having to apply for a planning permission but always subject to following some strict guidelines. For rendering, as long as the material (render) possesses an identical appearance to those existing on the house as well as same colour, then you will not require a planning permission. However, there are a number of projects that have been highlighted in which a planning permission would be required. These includes the following:

✓ Re-rendering in a colour that different from the original one used on the house or building.

✓ Rendering over brickwork which was not originally covered.

✓ Rendering over pebbledash

✓ Removing pebbledash and replacing it with render.

Another exception to the Permitted Development rights are for houses in conservation areas, national parks or areas of outstanding national beauty.

Although, you wouldn’t normally require to submit a planning application for approval before you apply render, but in truth it’s actually a bit of a grey area which isn’t totally clear and doesn’t allow for much freedom or creativity. And due to this fact, homeowners who wants an absolute peace of mind may opt to apply for planning permission just in case. It’s also worth noting that whether or not a planning permission is required, a huge rendering work will need to comply with building regulations which includes the need to insulate walls on the inside or outside as part of the work on several older properties .

Placholder Image

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