Window shutters

With windows shutters you can take advantage of a range of extra benefits over the other options available. The great news is they can be custom made to fit any window no matter the shape, offering a traditional furnishing for your windows.

Window shutters give a bespoke finish and you’ll have the opportunity to control light and privacy. They’re also extremely low maintenance and will aid with your home’s sound and heat insulation too.

The benefits of window shutters:

  • Privacy

If your property is close to the street then you’ve probably always had a problem with the amount of privacy your home has. No doubt you’ve found yourself closer the curtains earlier than normal just to escape prying eyes. But with window shutters you can continue to let natural light in by closing the lower section and keeping the upper tier open. This not only helps you control the level of light but ensures your privacy is maintained too.

  • Insulation

With window shutters you have the dual benefit of both sound and thermal insulation. When closed, the shutters act as insulation, restricting the amount of sound that can enter your home, whilst reducing the amount of heat escaping. As such you’ll be able to reduce those expensive energy bills which continue to creep up every year.

  • UV protection

Carpets and furniture can be heavily affected by the sun’s UV rays and it’s not uncommon to see your furnishings bleached by the natural sunlight. However, with window shutters you have the chance to limit direct UV rays and ensure your furnishings stay in excellent condition for much longer. There is a UV protective layer on the shutters themselves too to prevent the paint or wood stain fading or warping as well.

  • Appeal

Kerb appeal is vital to any home and signifies how your property looks from the outside. It’s not just the front garden you need to keep prim and proper because the front door and windows are also included in kerb appeal. Window shutters provide the opportunity to disguise old uPVC windows without needing to fork out for full replacements. And in fact, if the shutters are a permanent fixture you could add value to the home.

  • Low maintenance

The last thing you want is to be constantly cleaning the window shutters to ensure they’re looking good. And you don’t have to, as they require very little maintenance with just a quick wipe with a wet cloth being sufficient. Dust and dirt is enough to remove and won’t even take you five minutes.

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South West 1,251 3% <img src=
Western Midlands 893 -2% <img src=
Yorkshire & Humber 880 -15% <img src=
East Midlands 877 -6% <img src=
Scotland 847 -5% <img src=
East Of England 740 -24% <img src=
Wales 604 16% <img src=
Northern Ireland 323 15% <img src=
North East 120 33% <img src=
United Kingdom 14,065 -5%

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