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Aluminium windows supply

Aluminium double glazing is the most durable window replacement you can take advantage of and you’ll instantly see a reduction in your energy bills.

Replacing your old, inefficient single paned or double glazed units with aluminium windows will bring a number of benefits to your home that makes the initial installation costs very worthwhile.

Aluminium double glazing works by restricting heat loss with an efficient gas spacer separating two panes of glass. Usually Argon, the spacer is motionless and prevents heat from passing through.

With aluminium window frames you’ll have the durability and resistance that will help your installation to last for decades without any maintenance.

Benefits of aluminium double glazed windows

The benefits of aluminium windows include:

  • Reducing your energy bills by as much as £300 a year. Heat is retained in your home, therefore you don’t have to up the boiler’s temperature. The less your heating system’s used, the more you save on your bills

  • Added security to your property with a strong, resistant to impact material that will put off many potential burglars. The two panes of glass also make your home more secure and the whole unit will give you peace of mind that you and your family are safe

  • Cutting your home’s carbon footprint, helping to reduce global warming issues and aiding the Government in their 2020 carbon targets

  • Slash noise pollution that’s allowed into your home. In the same manner that heat is retained in the property, sound waves are kept out. This gives you peace and quiet all year round and will be especially handy if you live in a busy area.

Why aluminium double glazing windows?

Aluminium’s main advantage is its natural strength. It is easily the strongest of the materials available for double glazing and can handle strong wind loads whilst being resistant to heavy impacts.

With aluminium you won’t have to worry about maintenance either and there are plenty of colours available to set your home apart from the crowd.

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Aluminium windows activity in January 2021

Aluminium windows Projects in the UK in January 2021

December 2020 November / December
South East 1,250 17% <img src=
Greater London 1,040 -23% <img src=
South West 541 -11% <img src=
North West 520 -4% <img src=
East Midlands 494 12% <img src=
Western Midlands 462 2% <img src=
Scotland 393 38% <img src=
Yorkshire & Humber 350 3% <img src=
Wales 344 50% <img src=
East Of England 310 -30% <img src=
Northern Ireland 161 -6% <img src=
North East 40 -33% <img src=
United Kingdom 5,905 -1%

Source: Numbers calculated based on the search volumes in major search engines.

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