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Velux windows

A perfect way to bring more light into a building with minimal building work. From time to time you’ll have a dark spot in your home without the space to have normal windows fitted to allow light inside.

This is where Velux designed windows come in handy and this range of window is installed into roofs. Velux windows brighten up rooms and can be fitted into sloping and flat roof designs, making them perfect for lofts. Great for Loft conversions as there are a great range of options available to even provide direct access to the outdoors by adding a roof terrace or balcony. Also popular in kitchens and bathrooms where they can bring in natural light.


Where can Velux windows be installed:

  • Converted loft rooms
  • Extensions
  • Barns and outbuildings
  • Unconverted loft spaces
  • Bathrooms and Kitchens
  • Bedrooms


Types of Velux window designs

There are a number of designs and styles you can incorporate into your home, including:

  • Centre pivot roof windows

These add plenty of natural light whilst also doing no harm to your home’s value. With the centre pivot window you can create a dramatic effect, which is not only easy to open but can be rotated 180º to allow ease of cleaning.

  • Top hung roof windows

When fully open this design gives a great view, creating extra headroom and allowing plenty of light into your home. These windows are very easy to operate and will even swivel in the frames, allowing ease of cleaning.

  • Electric and solar powered roof windows

For tall rooms where the windows will be out of reach, electric windows are ideal. They can be controlled from anywhere in the property and you can operate one or all of the windows at the same time. An added bonus is that a sensor will automatically close the windows if it rains.

  • Flat roof windows

Flat roof windows offer the most for dark rooms and are popularly fitted into living rooms, kitchens and hallways. They offer practicality and bring aesthetic appeal with superb designs. You’ll be able to keep out the elements and control the windows electronically. They’ve become popular in new builds because of their attractive nature.


What Velux window glazing options are there?

Velux windows come with a laminated inner pane and toughened outer pane as standard. However there are a few upgrades you may want to consider:

  • Triple glazing: Three layers of glazing for reduced heat loss and increased energy efficiency
  • Noise reducing: Modern glazing designed to dampen exterior noise, ideal for busy areas with road noise.
  • Enhanced security: Extra tough glazing to make your property safe and secure.

What size Velux windows do I need?

Velux windows come in different sizes, so you need to measure your space and explore the dimensions available with your chosen window type. As a general rule, large Velux windows will allow more light into the room. They can be great for transforming previously dark areas or making tasks such as reading easier. Too much light could make a space too bright and warm to spend much time in on sunny days.

The style of the property may also influence your decision. Small Velux windows can be better suited to traditional homes than several large expanses of glass.


Velux window quotes

Velux installers are able to provide you with a quotation to include full installation of Velux window and flashing kit, all internal making good work if required. Internally if you have a flat ceiling with a pitched roof above it, they are able to give you a quote to create a light shaft bringing the light down from the roof into the room below. Prices do vary by your location in the country, so enter your postcode above and seethe average prices from installers in your area.


Average Velux windows cost

The average cost of Velux windows is £900. Costs can change based upon the materials and the firm hired. The upper price range can be as high as £1035. The material costs are commonly about £225

Average price per Velux windows job in 2023

Avg. price low

Avg. price low

Avg. price

Avg. price

Avg. price high

Avg. price high






Prices based on actual Velux windows costs for your area, as reported by local Quotatis members.

Velux windows installation cost in your area 2023

Labour cost £630
Material cost £225
Waste removal £45
Time frame: 1-2 days

Advantages for Velux windows

  • Roof skylights help rooms in homes that have poor lighting or no other means of natural sunlight
  • Skylights offer a nice view outside which can potentially increase the value of the property if installed properly
  • Small rooms can appear significantly bigger when illuminated natural with light from a Velux style window
  • Energy savings can be made with the correct choice of skylight: one that can be opened if the room is too warm but also is insulated for colder days

Disadvantages for Velux windows

  • Badly fitted skylights can lead to leaks which cause significant damage to the property
  • Selecting the wrong type of glass can result in the room getting too much heat making the space uncomfortable during the summer

Velux windows Manufacturers

Velux windows FAQs

How to fit a Velux window?

Velux windows actually refer to one brand of roof window, which are windows that sit in your roof space and allow light and ventilation into your loft. But how do you install a Velux window? If you’re a competent DIYer, it’s not as difficult as you might think.

You can normally install roof windows entirely from the inside, so you don’t need to get up on your roof or hire costly scaffolding. They come with detailed installation instructions, so as long as you follow them you shouldn’t have much trouble.

Before you start, you’ll need to read up on the Building Regulations and Planning Permission laws. Speak to your local Building Control department if you have any questions.

Firstly, prepare the opening by removing enough tiles or slates from the roof. There’s no need to go out on the roof – access them by cutting away the felt underneath which will give you access to the tiles and battens. Cut away one of the battens from under a tile, then you can slide all the tiles into the roof space. You’ll need to cut away the roof timbers to make the right size opening, then add more timbers to strengthen the ones that are left.

Next, remove the opening sash from the new roof window then fit the frame into the new opening using the brackets provided with the window. Then fit roof flashing between the new window and the roof so you don’t get any leaks. Then lay your tiles back in position around the new Velux window; you’ll probably have to cut some to shape which you can do with an angle grinder. Always cut them on the ground, not in position on the roof.

Lastly, fit the sash back onto the window and you’re done!

If this sounds like too much hard work, plenty of window installers will be able to help you fit a Velux window and will probably be able to provide a much cleaner finish.

How to fit a velux window into a slate roof?

Fitting a Velux window into a slate roof is very similar to the way you’d install it in other roof types. All roof windows, whether a Velux-branded one or not, will come with detailed instructions for you to follow if you want to have a go at fitting it yourself. But here are some brief instructions to give you an idea of what’s involved in installing a Velux window into a slate roof:

  1. After you’ve removed the Velux window from its packaging, remove the sash (the part that opens) from the frame, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Next, you need to prepare the opening for the window. You can often cut through the felt, remove one of the battens from under a slate, then slide all the slate tiles into the roof space. You should then make the cut 40-60mm wider than the window, cutting away roof timbers then replacing them with more around the opening to strengthen it.
  3. The roof window’s bottom brackets need to be installed on one of the existing battens for the slate roof. One of the slate courses should line up 105mm below the top edge of the batten you use.
  4. Then, measure from the top edge of the batten upwards to the height of the window plus 45mm. This is where the top installation batten should be installed, with an overhang of 100mm on each side.
  5. Remove the course of slates below the window, trim any excess felt and fold it over the surrounding timber. This helps with waterproofing.
  6. Add the insulation collar according to the Velux window manufacturer’s instructions.
  7. Place the frame in the opening, adding the brackets according to the instructions. You’ll find that lots of roof windows have pre-drilled holes to make it easy for you.
  8. Replace the sash and line up the hinges. Take a look at the opening at the bottom between the sash and the frame – it should be even along the entire width. Remove the sash again to fix the upper brackets according to instructions.
  9. Add the underfelt collar for your roof window as instructed by the manufacturer, then replace any slates at the bottom. You might need to cut them to size.
  10. Next, add the flashing according to the instructions, along with any parts that are not yet attached, including the hood section and top flashing piece.
  11. Replace all the slates around the window, allowing 60-100mm of space between the course of slates above the window and the top of the window to allow for rainwater drainage. Then replace the sash into the frame again.
  12. Add the vapour barrier on the inside of the window using the screws provided, then tape it to the existing vapour barrier to prevent moisture from reaching your roof structure.

And that’s it! If you think that sounds a bit complicated, ask a roofer or window installer to fit your roof window into a slate roof for you. You’ll get a better finish and you can be sure that you won’t get any leaks from a botched installation.

What is the Velux Active home kit?

Velux installers offer the Velux Active home kit. This provides an automated system to enhance your indoor living. With its sensor-based ventilation apparatus, the Velux active home kit’s smart sensors repeatedly monitor your home’s temperature, humidity and CO2 levels for its optimum healthy living standards.

Sensor-based ventilation
Velux Active tracks temperature, humidity and CO2-levels, and ventilates to keep your indoor climate nice and healthy.

Automatic heat protection
Velux Active automatically protects your home from excessive heat by closing your Velux Integra blinds, awnings and shutters on hot days.

Set personal preferences
Want to swap your alarm clock for a sunrise or air out while you’re at work? Customise your indoor climate with Velux Active.

Voice-control and smart speaker integration come standard with VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO, enabling you to draw the shades or open the windows just by asking.

How to remove a Velux window?

It’s relatively simple to remove a Velux window, whether it’s Velux-branded or is another brand of roof window. Here is a breakdown of the steps you’ll need to take to remove a roof window:

  1. Remove the sash (opening part) from the roof window frame. Usually there are screws in the hinges to loosen or a button to press and lift out.
  2. Next, remove the tiles or slates from around the window frame along with the flashing.
  3. Unscrew all the brackets around the window frame and lift out the frame.

It’s that simple! You can do all of this from inside your home – there's no need to climb on the roof. Removing the glass pane from a Velux window, for example if it has blown, is a more difficult job and should be left to a professional. It involves removing the sash from the roof window frame and then removing the surrounding parts of the sash to lift out the sealed unit. They will then place the new glazed unit into the sash frame before securing all the parts back onto the sash and fitting it back into the roof window frame.

How much are Velux windows?

Velux windows are a great way to add lots of light to your loft space. Velux is actually the name of a brand of roof window – not to be confused with roof lights, which are usually installed on flat roofs, or skylights, which are normally used to add natural light into a room without being able to open it. Roof windows open like regular windows and are fitted within your roof. But how much are Velux windows? Whether you choose a Velux window or another brand of roof window, they’re not cheap. Since they require special installation, including cutting roof timbers and replacing them to keep the structure strong enough, they take longer to install than a normal double glazed window. It can take up to a day to install a large Velux window, and it could set you back anywhere between £1,600 and £2,000. If you only need a small roof window in an area like a bathroom, you can expect to pay up to £1,300 for it to be fitted. Usually, there won’t be any need for scaffolding or towers because Velux windows are designed to be installed from the inside of your home. However, it’s worth setting aside an additional £500 in your budget in case unexpected problems occur and an installer needs to get on your roof to finish fitting the window. All of these prices are based on a standard roof window without any additional features. If you want to be able to control your windows with an electric switch or remote, this could set you back as much as an additional £400. For extra-low energy glass, you can expect to pay up to £200 more.

How to clean Velux windows?

Velux windows, or roof windows, are very easy to clean. Regular cleaning helps to keep them looking bright and shiny for years to come. So how should you clean Velux windows?

If you want to clean the air filter, you can remove it and wash it with your normal household cleaners. Velux windows have a cleaning position, so rotate and secure it into this position then remove the filter. You should be able to buy new filters from the manufacturer of your roof window.

To clean the outer pane, there’s no need to lean out of the window and risk falling out. Simply rotate the sash (the opening part) 180 degrees and secure it into position. Then you can clean the pane with a soft, lint-free cloth, sponge or squeegee and clean water. If you live in a hard water area, add some detergent to the water and wipe the window dry when you’re finished. You can also use normal non-abrasive household cleaners.

It’s recommended that you clean the flashing around your roof window at least once a year. You can use a brush to do this. This will allow rainwater to flow freely and stop any leaves from collecting.

If you’re in any doubt about using certain cleaners on your Velux windows, get in touch with the manufacturer who should be able to help. You can also do a patch test on an inconspicuous area if you’re unsure.

How to open Velux windows?

If you’ve never had Velux windows before, you might be wondering how to open them. If you’ve got very high ceilings and your roof windows are set high up in the pitch of the roof, you might not even be able to reach them. So how do you open them in this case?

When Velux windows are installed so high that they’re out of reach, the installers will often recommend that they install an electric switch for you to open and close your windows. They often come with a rain sensor, so you don’t need to rush up to the top of the house if there’s a sudden downpour – they will close automatically. You can also choose to have a remote so you can open and close your roof windows wherever you are in the room.

If you don’t have an electric switch, but you still can’t reach to open and close your Velux windows, you should be supplied with a telescopic pole when they’re installed. If you weren’t or you’ve moved into a home with roof windows and there isn’t one, you can buy them online. They have a hook on the end and can be extended to the correct length so you can hook it over the handle of the window and pull or push to open it.

If you’ve got a top-hung Velux window that can also be opened in a centre-pivot position, it’s easy to switch between the two. Simply ensure the window is completely closed before you start, then open the handle up – but don’t push it out. Then pull the vent bar down until the sash is rotated 180 degrees. Then secure the position by sliding the barrel bolts into the holes at either side of the bottom of the frame. Easy!

How to plasterboard around a Velux window?

While it sounds like it could be difficult to plasterboard around a Velux window, it needn’t be. As long as you have the right tools and materials, you should be able to plasterboard around your roof window easily and make good ready to be skimmed. When you or a tradesperson has fitted your Velux window into your roof, you’ll probably need to plasterboard over it to create a good ceiling. To do this, you’ll need:

  • Plasterboard sheets – make sure you measure your room so you know how much you’ll need
  • Screws to secure the board in place
  • Drill
  • Hammer
  • Straight edge and pen knife to score the board before trimming
  • Fine toothed saw the cut the plasterboard

When you’re ready to plasterboard around your roof window, make sure you’ve cleared enough space to work in. Then you can begin by cutting your plasterboard to size using your straight edge and pen knife to score, then your saw to get a clean cut. A common way of plasterboarding around your Velux window is to use the groove on the window frame to hold one edge of the board, then screw the other edge to the battens on the ceiling. People often use drywall screws these days as they have a better grip of the plasterboard as they drive through. You’ll need to use a drill to screw these in. However, you could use plasterboard nails, which are galvanised to stop rusting. When you’ve done this, you can then skim the walls or ask a plasterer to do it for you. Plastering, while it looks easy, is a tricky skill so it’s always best to ask a professional to do it.

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