Wood burners

With a wood-powered burner you can supply heat to a solitary room or even connect it to your property’s central heating. Also known as biomass boilers, wood burners convert pellets, chips or logs into heat.

With a wood burner for your home’s central heating you can save up to £600 a year, as opposed to using electricity.

Wood heating benefits

  • A cheaper form of heating

Although the cost of wood does vary, it is often a much more affordable form of heating than using gas or electricity. In fact, you could see energy reductions up to £600 a year by utilising this heating source. Old gas and electric boilers can fault unexpectedly, leaving you with expensive repair bills.

  • Government financial support

As part of the Government’s efforts to become the ‘greenest ever’ they have created a variety of funds and support for renewable heating. By investing in a wood burner you could benefit from the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP), a one off grant for the installation. This is worth £950. On top of this, you could also benefit from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which pays out for every unit of renewable heat produced.

  • Cut carbon emissions

Wood burning is known as a carbon neutral form of heat generation. This is because the levels of carbon dioxide emitted when burned, is the amount absorbed over its lifetime. It’s a sustainable form of heating, so long as new plants continue to grow. This is far better for the environment than gas and electric heating, which release emissions and raise a property’s carbon footprint.

Savings with a wood burner

With a wood burner there are savings to be made of both annual energy bills and carbon emissions. By replacing gas heating you’ll save up to £100 a year, whilst you’ll see a £580 saving by replacing electric.

The carbon savings achievable are also substantial, up to 7.5 tonnes when replacing a coal or electric storage system.

The below table suggests the possible savings with a three-bedroom semi-detached home.

Fuel replaced

Expected saving

Expected carbon dioxide saving


£580 a year

7.5 tonnes a year


£280 a year

4 tonnes a year


£720 a year

3.5 tonnes a year


£300 a year

7.5 tonnes a year


£100 a year

3 tonnes a year

Wood burner quotes

If you’re interested in reducing your energy bills and cutting home carbon emissions, consider a wood burner as a sustainable form of heating.

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Western Midlands 1,345 23% <img src=
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Scotland 1,018 -1% <img src=
Wales 886 -23% <img src=
Northern Ireland 291 -10% <img src=
North East 110 -8% <img src=
United Kingdom 17,481 9%

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