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Woodworms aren't very widespread in the United Kingdom, but an infestation can be very destructive. Woodworm refers to the larvae stage of several unique species of beetle, the most typical of which is the Common Furniture Beetle. These pest insects lay their eggs within damp or rotten wood. When these eggs hatch, small larvae begin to consume the wood around them, which is what causes the holes in wood. The exit holes are created as the larvae transforms into an adult beetle which then leaves the wood. The beetles are capable of flying and will typically leave the area to breed. However, they may return to lay eggs. In serious conditions, these insects may damage structural elements of a building which can have serious consequences.

Where You Can Find Woodworm

Woodworm can be found in all manners of wood surfaces including:

  • Floorboards
  • Furniture
  • Joists/beams
  • Roof timbers
  • Painted wooden surfaces
  • Wooden tools
  • Joinery and structural timbers
  • Decorative woodwork
  • Musical instruments

Signs of a woodworm infestation include cracking noises coming from wood in your house or furniture, as well as the visual indicators which are the exit holes found in wood and wood dust generally observed beneath infested wood. Woodworm infestations should be controlled by expert pest control professionals. It may also be necessary to have a structural survey carried out as woodworms are generally a sign of damp. Even if the woodworms have not caused serious damage themselves, the damp or rotten wood that they live in might cause a structural problem in the building.

Woodworm treatment is reasonably straightforward once the affected area has been properly located. The wood can be covered with a liquid or lacquer that may prevent any larvae inside from exiting and suffocate them, or for more extensive infestations fumigation is often used to ensure that the pests are effectively controlled.

Average Woodworm Treatment cost

The typical cost of Woodworm treatment in the UK is £450. Costs can change based upon the geographical location and the provider picked. The upper price range can be as high as £862 if a structural engineer is also needed. Enter your postcode to see the average prices in your area.

Average price per Woodworm Treatment job in 2022

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Woodworm Treatment installation cost in your area 2022

Labour cost £350
Material cost £75
Waste removal £25
Time frame: 1 day

Advantages for Woodworm Treatment

  • Kills any remaining woodworm
  • Treats the wood to stop future infestations
  • Can stop damage before it get to serious
  • Structural inspection may be required if the damage is extensive

Disadvantages for Woodworm Treatment

  • An expensive treatment that might require further visits in future

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Woodworm Treatment FAQs

How do you get woodworm?

The root cause of woodworm is generally high-moisture material in your timber, mainly searched for by grown-up female beetles in summer season to ensure that eggs can be laid. The larvae then delve, as well as when it leaves, leaves the departure holes you frequently see.


One of the most typical symptom of a woodworm assault are the little openings seen around your hardwoods. However these holes are usually brought on by beetles when they get to maturation and also leave the wood in order to go searching for a mate

How to tell if woodworm is active?

It can be rather hard to identify whether woodworm are energetic or whether the damages and also holes are historical, particularly if you buy a product of antique furniture with indicators of woodworm, or if you move right into a new location as well as find some indicators of woodworm. Apart from searching for as well as determining live or dead bugs the major methods of informing if woodworm are energetic are:


  • Fresh cleaning or frassing under or beside the holes
  • You can see light coloured timber in the holes, which have sharp edges
  • Edges of wooden light beams as well as joists are breaking away to reveal fresh, light timber beneath

The hardest part of the procedure is to appropriately diagnose if activity is present or historic so to start with there are some simple indications:

  • Brand-new exit openings in timbers, the shapes and size will certainly additionally identify the type of timber uninteresting beetle. The most typical, which is usually refered to as 'woodworm', is the usual furniture beetle (Anobium punctatum) as well as this leaves a rounded hole 1-2mm in size. It does depend on the type of timber however a brand-new opening is often 'intense' with a typical new wood colour where as an older opening might become dark as well as much less smooth.
  • Dirt, noticeable bore dirt called 'Frass' listed below the holes is usually the simplest sign of activity as aged dirt will blow away over time. Again the shape of the dirt can additionally aid identify the kind of beetle, Deathe watch beetle dirt has little 'bun' designed pellets noticeable to the naked eye.
  • Actual Beetles, on occasion you will certainly locate dead beeltes specifically on window sills as many emerge from springtime to the end of summer though its the Larva that cause one of the most harm with some kinds living and feeding for several years within the wood.
  • Crumbling hardwoods, this will certainly most commonly take place on floorboards as they have a tendency to be thinner than roof lumbers or joists and also will escape to the touch.

These are the most convenient signs of activity though there are expert examinations that can be finished most are not cost effective, the dampness material of the lumbers can additionally be an indicator as to whether infestation might take place as fairly completely dry timber will certainly not be susceptible (this would need a deep probe examination).

How Serious is Woodworm?

The level of damage caused depends on the varieties, the size of the problem, and what has been ravaged. Not all woodworm is harmful. Nonetheless, if left unattended in time, woodworm can seriously weaken hardwood, triggering severe damages within its framework.

Now, weakened structural elements can give way resulting in a huge repair service cost or at worse; severe injury. It is therefore that a woodworm problem is a significant issue if found in:

  • Lumber joists
  • Load-bearing timber
  • Roofing
  • Rafters
  • Structural timber

As mentioned, there are numerous consider figuring out the influence and level of an invasion and this requires to be verified by a specialist before any kind of action is taken.

How can you prevent woodworm?

Though it's hard to maintain woodworm out totally, you can certainly make your home less enticing by:


Keeping all timber completely dry - The wetter wood ends up being, the less complicated it will be for larvae to bore with as well as stay in. Women timber beetles wish to give their offspring the best opportunity of survival so will certainly pick a wooden surface with this in mind.


Keeping your residence warmed and well ventilated - Home heating your house to an appropriate temperature while keeping it ventilated will minimize the possibility of moisture accumulation as well as saturation of wood.


Getting furniture made from good quality hardwood - Hardwood is understood for being most resistant to woodworm invasion due to its thickness and lack of nutrients for woodworm larvae to live off.


Sealing timber with varnish - Varnish makes it harder for wood uninteresting pests to pass through a wood surface area. It is also toxic. Attempt to re-varnish or seal any surfaces that have actually deteriorated in time.


Very carefully looking for indications of woodworm when purchasing antique or used furnishings - Always inspect that you are not bringing anything infested right into your house, checking for the tell-tale indicators defined over.


Eliminating contaminated wood from your house - If you learn that a piece of lumber is infested, remove it simultaneously preferably.


Changing infected timbers - Once contaminated hardwood has actually been removed, make certain to replace it with brand-new lumber that is appropriately prepared with a protective surface and also dealt with.


Deal with the wood with a woodworm treatment - take the aggressive action to avoid problem as well as deal with hardwood with a woodworm awesome.


Using flytraps - Flytraps can be made use of in a preventative technique to catch and also consist of adult timber uninteresting beetles prior to they have a possibility to mate.

What does woodworm look like?

One of one of the most unfortunate parts of a woodworm invasion is that the signs of the issue are just visible at the end of the woodworm's lifecycle. This is when the woodworm beetle breaks free from within the wood to proceed its breeding.


Sign 1: Departure Holes in Wood

The signs to watch out for are what we call exit holes. When determining if you have energetic woodworm in your residential or commercial property one extremely aesthetic sign is the holes produced by the woodworm as they leave the wood. The dimension of the holes varies relying on the types of woodworm but generally they are between 2mm and also 5mm. If the woodworm trouble is energetic the holes will have a 'clean' or 'fresh' appearance. They can often just be identified up close, unless there is a huge problem as well as many departure holes with each other. Take a look at our examples below of different kinds of exit holes:


Sign 2: Presence of Bore dust

Another sign that you have an online woodworm invasion in your property is the presence of frass being left by the beetle when it chews its means with the timber. Frass is a dirt developed by woodworm. The frass or woodworm dirt is light in colour and looks virtually like very fine wood shavings. This frass is essentially woodworm waste and also it can be this waste that can aid us identify what kind of woodworm beetle is present. As an example ... the frass created by the wood-boring weevil is 'sticky' to the touch as a result of there being moisture present. The pictures below offer an indicator of what to watch out for:.


Sign 3: Tunnels within the timber brought on by woodworm.

Although this is an apparent sign that you have a woodworm issue it is additionally one of the least noticeable. The tunnels are developed by the woodworm as it makes it method via the wood.


Sign 4: Harmed wood

Damage timber is a clear sign that woodworm are causing damage to your residential or commercial property. Damage can range from weakened floorboards through to crumbling skirting boards. It is very important not to puzzle woodworm damage with the damages triggered by completely dry rot or damp rot. If you are unclear which of these home care problems are creating the damage then it is essential to speak to a hardwood expert to evaluate the lumber to prevent unnecessary treatments that might not be appropriate.


Sign 5: Actual beetles

Dead woodworm beetles might be seen near lumbers that are contaminated. Similarly, throughout the beetle 'flight period' between May and October, you could see real-time beetles as they arise from the woods. Learn more concerning the woodworm lifecycle right here.

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